Brittany Cartwright Admits She Was ‘Really Nervous’ About Discussing Jax Taylor’s Affair On ‘WWHL’

Brittany Cartwright was devastated when she learned that Jax Taylor had cheated on her with Faith Stowers on this season of Vanderpump Rules. The affair took place this past summer, and Brittany had no idea until Faith started talking about their hookup. When Cartwright got Jax to admit to the affair, she was devastated. She acted like many people expected her to and threatened to end the relationship. However, she started to change her mind, and when Vanderpump Rules aired on Bravo, she revealed that she was still dating Taylor. Both of them added that it was tough to watch all of the drama once again.

Cartwright started to lose respect from followers, especially after she decided to take him back after hearing a recording of him saying he didn’t want to marry her or be with her sexually. According to a new Instagram post, Brittany Cartwright is now revealing that she felt nervous talking about the affair and justifying why she decided to stay with him. She went on Watch What Happens Live with Ariana Madix, who was there when Brittany heard the recording. She supports her friend, but Brittany knew she was facing some tough questions.

It’s possible that Brittany feels a bit embarrassed about taking Jax Taylor back after his major betrayal. One can imagine she was nervous about the calls from viewers and the hard questions she would face. Many of his friends weren’t surprised that he had cheated, but the girls from Vanderpump Rules were surprised that he would cheat on Cartwright. Many of his friends believe she’s way too good for him and that he should value her above all else. But many fans believe that Jax will never change his ways, including how he doesn’t seem to care about other people. Even his ex-girlfriend Stassi Schroeder has warned Brittany to stay away from Jax if she wanted to live a happy life without the cheating. Only time will tell whether Taylor will stay faithful to Brittany.

Brittany Cartwright decided to stay and work on their issues even though Jax Taylor has said he doesn’t see a future with her. One has to wonder if she will get the marriage and children she’s always wanted.