Jim Bob Duggar Repeatedly Inappropriate With PDA, Despite Forcing His Kids To Court With Side Hugs

Counting On fans are well acquainted with Jim Bob Duggar’s strict family rules. While the Duggar family patriarch only allows side hugs before marriage, he isn’t afraid to pack on the PDA with longtime wife Michelle Duggar. Is Jim Bob guilty of a double standard?

Jim Bob Loves PDA

According to In Touch Weekly, Jim Bob practically jumps at the chance to show affection in public, despite doing so in front of his children. The awkward moments have occurred numerous times on the show. In one of the most uncomfortable scenes to date, Jim Bob humped Michelle in full view of Jessa Duggar and her fiancé, Ben Seewald. At the time, fans couldn’t believe what was happening, though the backlash did not stop Jim Bob from behaving that way.

Michelle Kisses Jim Bob On Camera

Another example of Jim Bob’s PDA happened during Michelle’s birthday. Jim Bob shared a video with fans of him wishing Michelle another great thirty years together. At the end of the clip, Jim Bob grabbed his wife and leaned in for a kiss. The moment looked uncomfortable for Michelle, who simply laughed and brushed it off. For fans, many thought it offered a glimpse into Jim Bob’s controlling ways, which have been well documented throughout the years.

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Jim Bob Teaches His Daughters How To Kiss

Jim Bob has also brought his awkward obsession with sex and PDA to the show. In one episode, Jinger was forced to talk about what sex is like in marriage with her parents while Jim Bob taught Jess and Ben how to lock lips. All of these moments have left some fans wondering if Jim Bob suffers from sexual addiction or if something else is going on behind the scenes.

“I was thinking with all Jim Bob’s sex talk and simulation of sex in front of his children and others makes me believe he may be a closet sex addict. He’s very obsessed with the sex chatter especially with his children and their spouses,” one fan wrote.

Inside Jim Bob’s Strict Courting Rules

Jim Bob, of course, has a strict set of dating rules for all of his kids. For starters, he must give his seal of approval for any relationship. Before his daughters start to court, their romantic interest must ask Jim Bob for permission. Even if he grants the boy permission, they cannot go on dates without a chaperone present. This doesn’t always have to be Jim Bob or Michelle, and they sometimes enlist the help of the younger kids.

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One of Jim Bob’s most famous rules is the side-hug restriction. The Duggars are not allowed front hugs until after they have tied the knot. All other physical contact is strictly off limits. In fact, they can’t even hold hands until they are engaged.

Further, the Duggar kids can’t text without adding their parents to the group, which means Jim Bob and Michelle control pretty much every aspect of the relationship prior to marriage. If any of the rules are broken, then they have to answer to Jim Bob.

Jim Bob Duggar has not commented on the PDA rumors.