Real Reason Why Seth Rollins Is Using ‘The Curb Stomp’ Again Revealed

On Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins defeated Finn Balor in the main event after bringing back “The Curb Stomp” finisher for the first time in almost three years. The move was taken away by Vince McMahon after he decided it wasn’t the best finisher for Seth to use as the WWE Champion. Rollins claimed that the move would never be featured on television again, but that’s why so many people were shocked to see it on Raw.

The truth is that Seth Rollins never truly found another finisher that could replace “The Curb Stomp” in the eyes of the WWE Universe. He used “The Pedigree” for a long time, but it was featured as a tribute and as a slight during his feud with Triple H. The “King’s Landing” finisher never felt right for Seth Rollins, which is the reason why WWE officials are allowing Rollins to use “The Curb Stomp” on WWE programming again.

It’s being reported that WWE officials realized the “King’s Landing” finisher wasn’t getting over with WWE fans as they expected over the past six months. The move drew a lot of comparisons to Kenny Omega’s own maneuver and WWE officials determined that enough time had passed to bring back Rollins’ “Curb Stomp” to WWE programming. It’s unconfirmed, but the expectation is that Seth Rollins’ finisher is back for good.

Reason Why Seth Rollins Is Using Curb Stomp Again

In the past, Seth Rollins has taken some criticism from his peers about his recklessness in the ring. Rollins has been branded an unsafe worker by a lot of people based on his involvement in some major injuries over the years. Most notably, he has been blamed for ending Sting’s career and Finn Balor’s shoulder injury after WWE Summerslam two years ago. Many others have defended him, including Finn Balor. However, WWE letting him use “The Curb Stomp” again could be considered a risk depending on who you talk to about it.

The vast majority of the WWE Universe is pleasantly surprised that Seth Rollins is using the finisher again, so it’s most likely back for good considering the positive response it has received. However, the move says a lot about Rollins’ current role in the company and how WWE officials view him. “The Curb Stomp’s” return was quite the surprise, but the WWE Universe is hopeful there won’t be any more surprises going forward.