NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg: I Pushed Stephen Jackson

Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City, claims he pushed San Antonio Spurs forward Stephen Jackson during last Thursday night’s game against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

While attempting a three pointer, Jackson tripped over a courtside waitress who was serving the mayor and sprained his right ankle. He was out of action the rest of the game which the Spurs lost 100-83.

The mayor made this disclosure at an unrelated press conference yesterday according to the New York Post:

” ‘He didn’t fall on her. He came close and I just pushed him a little bit.’

“The mayor acknowledged it would be ‘great for New York’ if the Knicks and the Nets made it into the playoffs, but he insisted that fouling Jackson was an instinctive, defensive move and not part of a secret strategy.

‘I wasn’t helping [the Knicks]’ the mayor said.”

The 6’8″ Spurs forward probably won’t be pleased that the mayor pushed him even slightly, but luckily for Bloomberg, who was once famously described by ABC’s Dianne Sawyer as a “munchkin,” he never goes anywhere without NYPD bodyguards.

Meanwhile, Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich believes the NBA needs to reevaluate front row vending procedures in light of what he called the “mayoral mishap”:

” ‘It’s something that is a concern for all of us, obviously.’

” ‘It seems logical that while the play is going on you try to order a little less beer and when the plays stops, order whatever you want. While the play is going on, it would be nice to have all the lanes free.’ “

Do you think that Mayor Bloomberg should watch the Knicks on TV from now on?