‘Destiny 2’ Inventory Space Problems Explained By Rival Game Developer

There have been a lot of complaints about Destiny 2 since its release last year. One of the big complaints is about the Eververse portion of the game and the microtransactions that are needed to buy new items. However, another huge complaint is the lack of inventory space. With Bungie putting most of their attention into adding even more items to find and collect, there is nowhere for gamers to keep all the items they can buy, making all the new additions almost worthless considering the time taken to add them instead of working on other areas of the game. A big complaint is also that Bungie has not given a reason why the inventory space is so limited. However, a Bioware game developer did a Reddit question-and-answer session and came to the defense of Bungie and Destiny 2.

Why Is The Destiny 2 Inventory Space So Limited?

The Bioware game developer uses the name BrenonHolmes, and the session was on the AnthemTheGame subreddit. The question, in this case, concerned inventory space in looter-shooters. The person mentioned how many weapons and gear the game makes available and that players can’t collect them because they are limited to what they own. The person specifically mentioned the Destiny 2 complaints and how people run out of vault space, making any future additions worthless.

BrenonHolmes said that he couldn’t answer for Bungie when it comes to Destiny 2, but he is sure they have “valid reasons” for what they do. He then ran down a list of some items that could cause problems with inventory, including storage, UX, bandwidth and architecture.

The Problem With The Destiny 2 Vault Is Inventory Cost

BrenonHolmes said that all the character data, including the plot data, weapons, vanity items, mods, and more all take up storage space. While this might not seem like a lot for the individual players, it adds up fast. If every player’s character data takes 5MB and there are 15 million players who play over the life of the game, that is 75 terabytes.

That is a lot, and it isn’t a huge cost upfront but that Destiny 2 storage needs to be maintained, upgraded, archived and kept for the life of the game and that is where the huge costs come from.

BranonHolmes also pointed out the problem with the user experience for monster vaults if Destiny 2 were to increase the size. First, if a person has 400 items instead of 40, a new format would need to be introduced to keep them organized. Furthermore, the more items a character has in their inventory, the higher the bandwidth needs are for, which increases the load time and the amount of bandwidth used, which adds up over time.

While Bungie has never spoken to gamers about the Destiny 2 inventory issues, the answers from this Bioware game developer might help explain why these issues exist and what makes it difficult to implement.

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