'Destiny 2' Offline Four Hours Today To Prepare For Return Of Faction Rallies [Update: Servers Back Online]

Destiny 2 players should expect to go without on their PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC for a few hours Tuesday as Bungie takes the online shooter offline to deploy a new update. Faction Rallies is coming back and the studio needs to make the final preparations to ensure it will be available to everyone.

Update: Destiny 2 servers are back online and the patch has been deployed. The only change is to grant access to Faction Rallies and Iron Banner for who don't own Curse of Osiris.

Original Story: Servers for the console and PC versions of Destiny 2 will start to undergo maintenance today starting at 11 a.m. ET / 8 a.m. PT. As per usual, players will not be able to log in at this time and those already logged in will have an hour until the servers go completely offline and they are booted to the title screen. The maintenance is scheduled to end at 3 p.m. ET / 12 p.m. PT and hotfix will be available to download.

As previous updates have demonstrated, the announced maintenance window is just the amount of Bungie expects to perform maintenance on the Destiny 2 servers. The downtime could end up being shorter or longer depending on how well the work goes.

Details on what all is included in the latest Destiny 2 update will be released later. However, Bungie did confirm this patch is necessary to make Faction Rallies available to those who do not own the Curse of Osiris expansion in addition to those who do.

The New Monarchy Faction Rally Armor in Destiny 2.

Faction Rallies and Iron Banner skipped December due to the outcry from the player base over how the events were locked away for those who did not purchase the DLC. Bungie has assured these events, along with seasonal events such as The Dawning and the upcoming Crimson Days, will be available to all players going forward. It will only be DLC content that will be blocked from players who do not purchase it.

The return of Faction Rallies does bring some changes beyond unlocking it for all Destiny 2 players. Armor ornaments will be added to the game with specific tasks to complete to unlock Gauntlets, Chest Armor, and Boots for each of the three factions. Unlocking the Helmet ornament will require a little something extra by completing a Nightfall in full faction armor. The good news is missing pieces of armor can now be purchased directly from the Faction vendors.