Farrah Abraham Launches Strange New Adult Entertainment Venture, Accused Of Using Daughter To Promote It

Demis MaryannakisAP Images

Farrah Abraham is known for being outrageous, and sometimes, she’s known for taking things just a little too far.

The reality star-turned-aspiring adult entertainment performer first came to prominence during her stint on Teen Mom and, later, Teen Mom OG. However, according to Radar Online, she’s decided to get very specific with her adult entertainment pursuits.

Yes, Farrah Abraham has made some foot fetish videos.

In the video, all she does is rub her feet while repeating “watch as I oil up my pretty feet and toes for you!” And while nothing in the film is necessarily NSFW (there isn’t nudity or hardcore sex in it, in other words), the video was made to cater to the “foot fetish” community, which is part of a larger BDSM community.

But that, in and of itself, isn’t necessarily shocking. After all, Farrah Abraham has made a living being one of the most provocative members of the Teen Mom OG cast, and she’s been in adult entertainment for quite some time now.

What’s shocking, according to Enstarz, is that recently, Farrah Abraham has been accused of using her daughter’s social media pages to promote her adult entertainment work. And given that Sophia is only 8-years-old, to say that this is shocking would be an understatement.


The outlet is reporting that Abraham sent — and subsequently deleted — a link that featured some of her adult entertainment work, including some of her foot fetish work. Sophia’s followers, aghast at what they saw, immediately tweeted their remarks of outrage.

In a statement, Farrah Abraham’s father — and Sophia’s grandfather — Michael Abraham said that Sophia has no access to her social media accounts, and that it wasn’t Farrah who issued the offending tweet. What’s more, Michael said that the “social media manager” who handles Sophia’s account also handles almost ten other social media accounts for his family, and that she made a mistake tweeting out Farrah’s link to her adult entertainment work from Sophia’s social media pages, but that the issue was immediately corrected when it was discovered. Finally, Michael said that it wasn’t necessary to blame Farrah Abraham for the error, or to have it reflect on her capabilities as a mother, especially since it was all an accident.