Leah Messer Quotes Miranda Lambert: Is She Sending A Message To Her Ex-Husband?

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Leah Messer was a full-on cheerleading mom over the weekend as she continues to support her daughter at her cheerleading competition. In addition, Leah has been working on her education, and it sounds like Messer has been focusing on her energy on her kids and her attitude. Leah has focused on her single life and she has revealed that she has no interest in dating anyone. Despite featuring a date on Teen Mom 2, Leah has revealed she prefers to stay single. On the reunion special for Teen Mom 2, Dr. Drew asked Leah if she was getting back together with Jeremy. Both of them replied that the conversation was awkward, but they didn’t provide an answer.

According to a new tweet, Leah Messer is now quoting a famous country star, and it sounds like Leah wants people to know that she’s standing strong and won’t be played like a fool by anyone. Messer has previously hinted that Jeremy Calvert drinks a lot when he isn’t working, so when people joked about them getting back together Leah hinted she wouldn’t want to deal with that. It’s possible that drinking was an issue in their marriage, and she has no interest in dealing with it again.

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“Mama tried to raise a lady, but daddy won, he raised a lady who doesn’t take shit from anyone. – Miranda Lambert,” read the quote that Leah Messer shared with her followers on Twitter.

It’s interesting that she’s quoting Miranda Lambert, who left her husband Blake Shelton after she learned that he had cheated on her. Perhaps Leah sees her as a role model, as she didn’t stay in a marriage that was bad for her. Leah has hinted that her marriage with Jeremy wasn’t great, but they have both changed since getting divorced. Messer is no longer dealing with depression and anxiety, so Jeremy may be more prone to working on their issues. Plus, they have grown closer over the years as they have learned to co-parent together. They have managed to keep the peace, so it’s possible that they will give their romance another shot.

Leah Messer has been filming Teen Mom 2 again, but Jeremy Calvert may not appear on the show, as they are no longer married and he’s rarely in town to film with her.