Princess Diana Tragedy: Charles Allegedly Spoke Sweetly To Camilla Parker-Bowles Day Before Wedding To Diana

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Princess Diana was deemed the “People’s Princess” for a number of reasons, including her incredible ability to identify with the multitudes, in addition to forming a metaphorical bridge between the general public and how the traditional royal family had been for so many centuries. Diana worked tirelessly as a humanitarian around the globe and won international adoration and praise for her grace and avant-garde fashion sense, with a quiet and demure demeanor to match.

Unfortunately, the private life of Diana was far from a fairy tale, seeing as her husband, Prince Charles, heir to the throne, carried on an affair throughout their marriage with his now-wife, Camilla Parker. Although the affair was not made known until the breakdown of the royal union in 1986, reports indicate that Charles and Camilla were lovers even before the day that he married Diana, who was only 19 at the time.

New claims have been made that even on the day before the royal wedding, Princess Diana overheard Prince Charles talking sweetly on the phone to Camilla and that as Prince Charles looked on while wedding planners arranged things for the big day with Diana, he was heartbroken and teared up over his torn feelings for Camilla.

Cheat Sheet indicates words of a source on the matter, stating, “On the night before his wedding to Princess Diana, Prince Charles reportedly watched the staff setting up for the big event and wept. He was still torn over his feelings for Camilla, and the enormity of his decision was sinking in.”

The relationship between Charles and Camilla reportedly goes back as far as the early 70s after the pair “hit it off” right away. The two dated, yet Camilla accepted the marriage proposal of Andrew Bowles, whom she had also dated on and off for some time. This broke Charles’ heart. He, however, began to pursue 18-year-old Diana in 1980.

Diana became aware of the affair quite early on and was not enthused that Camilla would be at their wedding. Despite the princess confronting Camilla and asserting that she was “not stupid” about what was going on, the two carried on their affair throughout the duration of the marriage.

The tragic end for Diana 20 years ago, when she was killed in a horrific car crash in Paris, has even been blamed on Prince Charles and Camilla, yet no evidence has been brought forward regarding these rumors.

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Since her death, Princess Diana’s two sons have carried on her legacy, and this role has now been passed to the princes’ significant others. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has succeeded in keeping the spirit of Diana alive, with her own advocacy and humanitarian efforts, as has Meghan Markle, the fiancee of Diana’s youngest, son Prince Harry. E! Online reports that Diana’s sons and Middleton marked the 20th anniversary of the “People’s Princess'” passing.

“[T]heir Royal Highnesses met with both past and present representatives of some of the charities Diana supported, including The Leprosy Mission, the National Aids Trust and the English National Ballet. They also met with founders and former and current patients of Osteopathic Centre for Children. Diana had been learning about the organization and had planned to meet with its representatives in early September 1997 to assist with the launch of their Sweet Pea initiative. However, her death occurred on Aug. 31 of that year.”