WWE Rumors: Paige May Still Have A Major Presence In WWE Even After Devastating Neck Injury

While it appeared to many that Paige’s WWE career was over when she suffered a devastating neck injury, new rumors suggest that the popular star could still have a major place in the company — even if it’s not in the ring anymore.

Paige had been dealing with lingering injuries for months, including recovery from neck surgery, but suffered a serious neck injury during a live event on December 28 in New York that looked to derail her recovery efforts. As Bleacher Report noted, WWE doctors told Paige this week that she will not be able to get back in the ring. Though the full extent of the injury has not been reported, the belief is that Paige’s wrestling career is officially over.

But there could still be a path forward for the popular star, with WWE rumors indicating that Paige will still remain in the company in a slightly different role. A source told Hollywood Life that Paige could become an onscreen character or a manager so the WWE can keep her in the mix and continue her storylines.

The exact extent of that role remains in flux, the report indicated, but there seems to be a willingness to keep Paige in the WWE rather than having her retire outright.

“The WWE is not sure if they want to officially have her retire on TV or just move forward with her and put her into a different role as a potential commentator,” the source said. “But her role is limitless because her mind for the wrestling business is quite amazing. She also may start training and teaching future talent as well. There are so many options how the WWE wants her to continue her career outside the ring and they will pursue everything to see what sticks because they want her around.”

Paige had already been one of the WWE’s highest-profile stars, thanks in part to some out-of-the-ring troubles. She was handed a suspension from the WWE for violating the company’s wellness policy and later was thrust into the headlines when she was the victim of a sex tape leak that eventually spread to some of the WWE’s other women stars.

Paige now joins a growing group of WWE stars whose careers were cut short by injuries within the last few years, including CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. In some cases — namely Bryan — the WWE has found a way to keep the talent involved in ways other than wrestling.

While the WWE rumors point to a return for Paige, neither she nor the company has commented on exactly what her future path in the WWE will entail.

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