Kate Middleton Will Reportedly Use Hypnobirthing To Ease Labor Pains

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is expecting her third child with husband Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. She is known for having difficult pregnancies with her first and second children, which puts her into a high-risk category. She suffered severe morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum and was admitted to a hospital for days. With her third child, she is experiencing the same pregnancy difficulties, but according to some reports, she will undergo a new birthing technique to ease her labor pains.

Radar Online recently quoted The Sunday Times that the midwives at St. Mary’s hospital are now being trained in a new technique called Hypnobirthing that will allegedly help ease the pain as Kate Middleton gives birth. Reports say the midwives will undergo a thorough two-day training in February in preparation for the Duchess’s delivery of her third baby. The new birthing technique will be performed through “self-hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques.”

According to the news outlet, there will be about 22 midwives trained in Hypnobirthing. The founder of the Hypnobirthing Association, Katharine Graves, told The Sunday Times that birth is not just guidelines and protocols. She said that learning this technique can make a huge difference in the mother’s perspective in giving birth to her child.

“For example, if a kind… midwife says, ‘Don’t worry,’ the woman in labour hears ‘worry.’ She can start worrying, which causes tension, which means the muscles don’t work as well, which causes pain. That is tiny but it could add hours onto labor.”

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge in London, England

Graves went on to say that Hypnobirthing can help pregnant women release tensions that can cause extreme pain, which will prolong their labor hours. Additionally, the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust also said that the midwives are qualified to become hypnobirthing practitioners. Thus, they can train for all the pregnant women with this new technique. This would certainly help Kate Middleton to overcome all her pregnancy woes, especially since she is known for suffering severe morning sickness.

Kate Middleton was again forced to cancel all her royal engagements as the Duchess of Cambridge because of hyperemesis gravidarum. She gave birth to Prince George in July 2013, and Princess Charlotte in May 2015, both of which she suffered the same morning sickness difficulties. Apparently, all her official engagements were also canceled.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy with her third child was announced in September 2017. She is expected to give birth in April 2018.

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