‘The X-Files’ Season 11’s Gillian Anderson Might Work With Bryan Fuller Again In ‘Vampire Chronicles’ TV Show

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Fans were recently dismayed when Gillian Anderson confirmed that she will not reprise her role as Dana Scully after the conclusion of The X-Files Season 11. In addition to that, the actress stated that she will not be returning in the second season of Starz’ American Gods. However, there is still hope for fans who are hoping to see more of Anderson in the future. Is it possible that the star of The Fall will be a part of The Vampire Chronicles TV series now that Bryan Fuller has joined the creative team behind Anne Rice’s highly anticipated show?

It’s no secret that Gillian Anderson and Bryan Fuller enjoy working together. The two have previously collaborated on Hannibal before Fuller cast Anderson as Media in the first season of American Gods. Most recently, the former showrunner of the Starz series was in attendance when The X-Files Season 11 actress was given her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Could the two reunite in telling Lestat’s story in the Vampire Chronicles TV show?

Christopher Rice recently announced that he and his mother Anne Rice have been working with Bryan Fuller. Although it was reported that the Hannibal creator might only be helping with the pilot episode, fans believe Fuller could stay on as executive producer. There might be a possibility that Fuller will have a say on who will be cast in the Vampire Chronicles TV show.

Bryan Fuller’s involvement in Anne Rice’s project has led to speculations that the producer could call on regular collaborators in particular roles. In addition to that, Gillian Anderson’s decision to leave both The X-Files Season 11 and American Gods Season 2 means that she would have plenty of time to take on a recurring role in an exciting new series. Anderson herself has stated that she is eager to be “challenged as an actor” and would “like to do many, many different characters” during the Television Critics Association 2018 winter press tour, as reported by Oregon Live. Some are hoping her next interesting character would be in The Vampire Chronicles series, where she could play Lestat’s mother Gabrielle de Lioncourt.

Gillian Anderson as Media
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Gillian Anderson has not yet confirmed her next projects after The X-Files Season 11. In the meantime, the series airs on Fox every Wednesday nights.