‘Victoria’ Season 2 Premiere On PBS: The Cast, Official Synopsis, And When It Airs

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Your weekly dose of royalty returns as Victoria Season 2 premieres on PBS Masterpiece, this Sunday (January 14). Get ready for a new season of Victoria (Jenna Coleman), Albert (Tom Hughes), and Lord Melbourne (Rufus Sewell). Yes, Lord M. is back!

He’s not the only Season 1 face that will be returning in Season 2. This is an in-depth preview that covers everything you need to know about the popular series’ second season, including the cast and when Episode 1 airs. If you have questions, this feature hopes to provide the answers, so without further ado, let’s explore the second season of Victoria.

Who Stars In Season 2?

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jenna Coleman returns as Queen Victoria, while Tom Hughes reprises his role as Victoria’s loving husband, Prince Albert.

Popular Season 1 star Rufus Sewell makes his return to Victoria as Lord Melbourne in Episode 1. He has not been seen, since Season 1, Episode 4. In an interview with Radio Times, Sewell previewed the newfound dynamic between Lord M. and Victoria.

Albert’s trouble-making brother Ernest (David Oakes) is also back for Season 2, returning in Episode 1. Albert had to send Ernest away in Season 1, due to the latter’s romantic pursuit of one of Victoria’s ladies, a married mother.

Albert's brother Ernest (David Oakes) and Victoria's mother in Episode 1 of 'Victoria' Season 2 on PBS
Featured image credit: ITV Studios for MASTERPIECE

Who Is New To The Cast?

Making their much-anticipated debut on Victoria is Diana Rigg, who stars as the Duchess of Buccleuch, and you can expect some sharp one-liners and sizzling repartee from her. Based on the trailer for Season 1, Rigg’s Victoria character seems to share those attributes in common with her Game of Thrones‘ role.

How Did Season 1 Leave Off?

After great tension, Victoria and Albert welcomed their first-born child, Princess Victoria. Baby Vicky’s christening will take place in Season 2, Episode 1. Victoria and Albert’s marriage was going well, as was her reign as Queen at the end of Season 1.

As for the staff at the palace, Miss Skerrett (Nell Hudson) turned down a promising opportunity from Francatelli (Ferdinand Kingsley), because of her sister’s dire warning about such prospects.

When And Where Is Season 2 Airing?

The second season of Victoria will air Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on PBS. Episode 1 premieres, January 14.

How Long Will Each Episode Be?

The season premiere and the second episode of Season 2 will both clock-in at nearly two-hours, as two episodes from ITV’s original U.K. broadcast have been combined so they air as a single episode on PBS.

How Many Episodes Are There In Season 2?

The PBS broadcast of Victoria‘s second season will contain 7 episodes. While the first two episodes will air for two-hours each, the rest will be one-hour in length.

Victoria (Jenna Coleman) meets with loved ones in Episode 1 of 'Victoria' Season 2 on PBS MASTERPIECE
Featured image credit: ITV Studios for MASTERPIECE

The Season 2 finale will be the Christmas special that aired this past Christmas on ITV. Season 2 concludes on PBS, February 25.

Where Can I Binge Watch The Previous Season?

You can catch up or relive every episode of Victoria Season 1 via Amazon Prime.

What Is The First Episode Of Season 2 About?

Entitled “A Soldier’s Daughter/ The Green-Eyed Monster,” PBS’ press site reveals that Episode 1 involves the following synopsis.

New mother Victoria is impatient to return to ruling, while Albert attempts to protect her from the news regarding British soldiers in Afghanistan. Victoria is pregnant again and her equilibrium is threatened by Albert’s friendship with Ada Lovelace.”

What’s In Store For Victoria And Albert?

Given the synopsis for Episode 1, it seems that Victoria experiences some jealousy over Albert’s platonic relationship with mathematician Ada Lovelace. Lovelace was the only legitimate child of the famous poet, Lord Byron. If that name sounds familiar based on Victoria Season 1, Byron is the man Lord M.’s wife left him for.

Lovelace will be portrayed by actress Emerald Fennell and Radio Times has the answer as to whether Victoria likely experienced any such envy towards Lovelace in real-life.

One More Time, When Does The New Season Of Victoria Start?

Victoria Season 2 premieres January 14 at 9 p.m. EST on PBS.