WWE Superstar Forced To Retire After Serious Injury


At a recent WWE house show, Sasha Banks kicked Paige in the back during a women’s match and the former WWE women’s champion fell to the mat and needed assistance. Paige ended up sidelined and had to work at ringside with her group Absolution, working as a manager for Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. While 2018 was seen as a possible breakout year for the returning superstar, PWInsider (via 411mania) reports that her career has now come to an end. The news indicates that the WWE informed Paige on Monday night at Monday Night Raw that they will not clear her to return to wrestling after this latest injury.

What Injury Is Forcing Her To Retire From The WWE

According to the reports, Paige has the same sort of injury that forced Edge to retire from the WWE. When Edge retired, he said that any further falls could risk permanent paralysis to him and he chose to walk away rather than risk that predicament. However, when it comes to Paige, it sounds like the WWE is forcing her to walk away for her own good.

This is very different from 2016 when the WWE allegedly claimed that Paige did not need medical treatment for her neck and back injuries. In October 2016, Paige underwent surgery when her doctor said she needed it to alleviate the pain she suffered through every day. The WWE was reportedly angry at her decision to have surgery and stop wrestling.

The Forced WWE Retirement

Interestingly, Sheamus is also taking time off from full-time action as he tries to rest and recover from a similar injury. The Sports Rush reported that there are fears that he has spinal stenosis, which is what caused Edge to retire and what apparently is wrong with Paige.

However, it was a specific injury on Dec. 28, 2017, that caused Paige to suffer the injury that has possibly ended her wrestling career. Paige teamed with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville to battle Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Mickie James. When Sasha kicked her unexpectedly in the back, reports indicated it was just a stinger but it ended up being much worse.

The idea now is that Paige will end up like Daniel Bryan. She is under WWE contract, so she either has to continue working for them in some role other than in-ring wrestling or they can freeze her contract and keep her from going anywhere else in the business.

Paige, 25, has worked in professional wrestling since she was 13 and is a second-generation star. She was the youngest-ever WWE women’s champion at the age of 21.