Kaci Sullivan Gives Birth As Transgender Man, Shares Photos Of ‘Gender Neutral’ Baby & First Pregnancy As Dad


Kaci Sullivan from Wisconsin gave birth recently to his first baby as a transgender man and shared photos of his newborn, along with pregnancy photos as a dad. The 30-year-old new father transitioned to a man just two years ago and is being touted as the first transgender man to give birth as both a male and a female. Sullivan first gave birth more than five years ago as a woman and says he prefers to be pregnant as a man.

According to Radar Online on Friday, Kaci Sullivan gave birth to baby Phoenix two months ago and plans to raise the baby as “gender neutral.” The recently-transitioned transgender man already has one child, a son named Grayson, who he gave birth to in 2011 as a woman. Sullivan’s second child was born on November 11, 2017, with partner Steven. Kaci reportedly met Steven, 27, after divorcing his first husband he met in 2010 as a woman and after making the transition to a man.

Refinery29 shared last month that Kaci Sullivan realized he didn’t fit his gender as a woman — a biological condition known as gender dysphoria — when first child Grayson was only 3-months-old. Gender dysphoria was once thought to be a mental disorder, however, News-Medical shared that there are actually several different biological causes of gender dysphoria having to do with hormones, abnormalities in chromosomes, and exposure to certain drugs in the womb that may lead to a “raised risk of gender dysphoria.”

Although Kaci Sullivan’s pregnancy and birth as a transgender man isn’t the first reported case, even within less than a year, Sullivan’s recent gestation and delivery is drawing attention from news media worldwide because he once also gave birth as a woman. The Inquisitr previously reported that transgender man Trystan Reese gave birth to a baby boy in mid-2017, but the birth was the first for Reese. Sullivan, however, is being called the “first person” to give birth as both a woman and as a transgender man.


Sullivan was reportedly “miserable” during his first pregnancy as a woman, and the Daily Mail reported back in June, after Sullivan first announced his second pregnancy as a transgender man, that he was “far happier” as a pregnant male. At four months pregnant, Kaci made the public announcement that he was expecting again — this time with partner Steven — after the couple tried to get pregnant for only six months. Sullivan reportedly became pregnant after choosing to stop taking male hormones in 2016.

Eight-pound baby Phoenix was reportedly delivered by c-section to proud new dads Kaci and Steven, and the couple plans to raise the baby as “gender neutral.” According to Sullivan, he doesn’t view pregnancy as “inherently feminine,” and he also doesn’t “subscribe to make-believe gender roles.” Kaci and Steven said that baby Phoenix can choose a gender when “they” are “old enough to decide,” as shared by the Daily Mail. Kaci Sullivan was born “biologically female,” however, he reportedly first became uncomfortable with that gender as a child.

Kaci Sullivan, who first learned of the term transgender at 18, has experienced pregnancy as “both genders,” but confessed that “some people have been perturbed by the idea” of giving birth as a transgender man. Sullivan says he doesn’t respond to or engage with negative comments — he simply just gets “rid of them.”

Sullivan shared via Facebook in December that he would never really say that he “gave birth as both genders,” because he’s “always been a man.”