‘Little Witch Academia’ Season 2 Anime Announcement Teased By Akko TV Voice Actress Megumi Han

Many anime fans are eagerly awaiting for Akko Kagari to magically fly back into their lives with Little Witch Academia Season 2 (or Little Witch Academia Season 3, if you are an English Netflix watcher). The LWA TV series first aired about a year ago, and Akko voice actress Megumi Han decided to tease followers on Twitter by suggesting that a major announcement is coming up soon.

Writing in a stylized format, Megumi started off by celebrating the one-year anniversary of the LWA anime’s release date.

“This time last year.

It was just yesterday and a year has passed.

It will also be the sixth year in this year.

Since the TV series of Little Witch Academia has been on air.

At such a time, I also had the opportunity to meet that girl again. [Can also be translated as ‘meet her’ or ‘meet the child.’]

I will make an announcement again soon. [Twitter/Google’s translation says Megumi will ‘advise’ or ‘inform’ soon, but ‘oshirase’ or ‘????’ stands for an announcement, notice, or notification.]”

While a bit cryptic, the tweet seemingly referenced two anniversaries at once. The original Ritoru Witchi Akademia movie received its funding six years ago from the 2012 Young Animator Training Project, which was six years ago when Megumi first took the role. However, the anime was publicly released in the winter of 2013. Megumi starred in the first Little Witch Academia film, the second movie The Enchanted Parade, and the TV series, and now she’s talking about receiving an opportunity to “meet” Akko again.

Does that mean Studio Trigger could announce Little Witch Academia Season 2 soon? This is not the first hint that anime fans have received in recent times. About three months ago, the official website for the LWA anime added “TV1st” to its URL. The small change would seem to imply that a second season of the anime TV series is a serious possibility.

Shortly after Episode 25 aired, Trigger director Yoh Yoshinari openly talked about wanting to develop the characters of Diana Cavendish and Amanda O’Neill further in the second season. He also wants to produce an anime prequel series focused on the witch Ursula Callistis/Shiny Chariot, and a spinoff based on the Night Fall (or Naito Foru) books, but those potential anime projects are probably not what Megumi is teasing since she would not have a major role in a prequel or a spinoff.

It’s also possible Megumi is hinting that a new Little Witch Academia movie will be announced soon instead of a second season of the anime TV series. That idea might make more sense since Studio Trigger is already working on four new anime projects: Promare (in collaboration with XFLAG), Gridman (in collaboration with Tsuburaya Productions), Inferno Cop Season 2, and the currently airing Darling in the Frankxx. They’re also producing the animated cutscenes for the video game Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time.

Ritoru Witchi Akademia Anime Screen Writer Michiru Shimada Died In 2017

The bad news is that even if Little Witch Academia Season 2 is greenlit, then it won’t quite have the same magic as before. Scriptwriter Michiru Shimada was known for working on popular series like One Piece and Rurouni Kenshin, but she also wrote the Little Witch Academia TV series.

In the middle of December of 2017, Shimada’s daughter announced via Twitter that her mother had died. She had apparently fallen ill in 2016 and eventually died from whatever ailed her.

Little Witch Academia Manga English Translation Comes Out In 2018

Getting back to the good news, the anime TV series has inspired a manga adaptation that is being released through Monthly Shonen Ace. Written by Yoh Yoshinari and illustrated by Keisuke Sato, the manga started in early 2017 and is ongoing.

Yen Press announced the acquisition of the license for the manga’s English translation in 2017. The English manga will be debuting in 2018, with Volume 1 scheduled to come out on June 19, 2018.

Will Netflix Label The New Anime Little Witch Academia Season 3?

The Little Witch Academia anime TV series was a single two-cour season that first aired in Japan on January 9, 2017. The finale released in June in Japan, but Netflix audiences had to impatiently wait for the English dub, which was split into two “seasons” by the streaming giant.

While technically not accurate by Japanese TV standards, Netflix still lists LWA as having two distinct seasons on their website. That means if another two-cour season is produced by Trigger, then Netflix might split the Japanese second season into Little Witch Academia Season 3 and 4.

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