‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason’s Missing Years, Peter Shoots Down Nina, Approves Lulu’s Risky Proposal

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers tease there will be some conflict in Crimson. Peter August (Wes Ramsey) will seek out Nina Reeves (Michelle Stafford), and he will deliver bad news to her. Lulu will also receive good news which might turn out to be quite dangerous in the upcoming weeks.

Peter Shoots Down Nina

This week in General Hospital, there will be a lot of exciting happenings. Peter will stroll into the office in Crimson and inform Nina he changed the budget for her. Peter will tell her the budget is too much, and he will provide her with a workable budget. This confrontation will happen while Maxie (Kirsten Storms) is inside the office, and this will undoubtedly make Nina feel resentful towards Peter.

Given the turn of events, there will be a major powerplay soon, and Nina will certainly find a way to get back at Peter for embarrassing her. Meanwhile, Lulu (Emme Rylan) will receive the go signal from Peter on the Faison story. Lulu wants to use the angle of Faison being Nathan’s (Ryan Paevey) father as the main selling point of her story. Dante will not be happy with this development, and there’s bound to be bad blood between Nathan and Dante over Lulu’s story soon.

The Missing Years

Spoilers from Soap Opera Spy tease Jason (Steve Burton) will receive news about his missing years. While Drew (Billy Miller) is trying to find out more about his life before he became Jason, Stone Cold wants to know what happened to him in the last five years. He surfaced in the hospital in Russia in Patient 6 but what happened before that remains to be a mystery. General Hospital spoilers tease the tech will uncover something about what happened to him. There’s no assurance that Jason will receive meaty information, but this is a huge development.


Drew will also have an opportunity to grow closer to his teenage son, Oscar. General Hospital spoilers tease the young man wants to know how to fight, and he will ask his father to teach him how to do it well.

While Drew and Jason try to make peace with their past, spoilers tease Sam will be furious. She will reportedly fire someone because of it. Drew might get in trouble with Kim (Tamara Braun) when she hears about what he has been teaching their son. Meanwhile, Julian (William DeVry) will meet the new doctor in town, and General Hospital spoilers tease the two might hit it off.