Caitlyn And Kris Jenner’s Feud Reportedly Intensifies As Kylie Jenner Prepares To Give Birth

Just days after Caitlyn Jenner took aim at former wife Kris Jenner and her former family members in a pretty scathing interview with Piers Morgan, sources are claiming that their nasty feud is growing even more intense as their daughter Kylie Jenner prepares to give birth to her first child in the coming weeks.

Though Kylie is still yet to officially confirm her pregnancy to the world, sources are claiming that Caitlyn and Kris have allegedly been disagreeing on almost everything when it comes to their youngest child becoming a mom and are still having some serious trouble getting along even for the sake of their daughter and their unborn grandchild.

“Caitlyn and Kris are at war over their daughter Kylie’s pregnancy and Kris’s delivery room demands,” a source alleged to Hollywood Life this week of the former couple, who were married for 24 years before they divorced in 2015.

Allegedly, Kris wants at least some of Kylie’s delivery to be captured by the Keeping Up with the Kardashians cameras, something the insider claimed Caitlyn isn’t exactly a fan of seeing as she left the E! reality show following her divorce from the Kardashian matriarch.

As for why else the ex’s are supposedly still butting heads, the source claimed that Caitlyn and Kris also can’t seem to make a decision together when it comes to the little things 20-year-old Kylie has to think about ahead of the delivery.

“[They’re] arguing about everything from which hospital Kylie should deliver her baby to who should be allowed inside the room with Kylie when she gives birth,” the outlet’s Kardashian source alleged of the latest drama for the Jenners.

“Kylie would love for both of her parents to be with her, in the delivery room, when her baby is born but the constant arguing between them is making agreeing on anything difficult,” they then added.

The site also alleged that Kylie’s widely reported pregnancy is the first time the former couple have been forced to come together for a big occasion since they split two years ago, as the twosome have had little contact since then.

Notably, none of the Kardashian/Jenner clan have confirmed the latest report, though claims that Kris and her former spouse are still having trouble communicating and making decisions together comes after months of back and forth between the two which stemmed from the release of Caitlyn’s tell-all book, The Secrets of My Life.

While Jenner made no secret of the fact that she wasn’t exactly thrilled about Caitlyn’s remarks about her in the book on multiple episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians – Kim Kardashian and her sisters also slammed Caitlyn over the memoir during various interviews – all the drama boiled over again just last week.

Jenner didn’t exactly have the nicest things to say about any of her former family members while appearing on Piers Morgan’s U.K. series Life Stories, as she called out all of the Kardashian family when asked why she didn’t tell them about her plans to transition before revealing her transformation to the world.

Claiming that she didn’t tell the reality stars ahead of time because she thought they’d leak the story to the press, Jenner added, “Of course I didn’t trust them,” before scathingly adding of Kris and her daughters Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney, “I hate to inform the Kardashians that the book was not about them.”

Caitlyn then revealed that she’s no longer in regular contact with the Kardashian family like she used to be, but noted that she still speaks to – and is very close with – both of her biological daughters Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

The former Olympian explained that she talks to both of them on a daily basis, which is likely why she reportedly wants to be in the delivery room when pregnant Kylie becomes a mom for the first time.

As for Kylie’s pregnancy, which was confirmed by People magazine and various other outlets back in September, Caitlyn didn’t discuss her youngest child becoming a mom on the show.

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