Tara Reid Picture: Star Looks ‘Emaciated’ And ‘Skeletal’ At 85 Pounds, Friends Reportedly Fear For Her Life

Matthew SimmonsGetty Images

Tara Reid has reportedly dropped down to 85 pound, and pictures of the “emaciated” and “skeletal” star have friends worried for her life.

Reid has gained a reputation for her troubled career and struggles with weight and addiction, and new reports indicate that she may be in another downward spiral. According to a report from Radar Online, Tara Reid was spotted partying in Mexico and showing off what the outlet described as her “skeletal frame.”

The report cited nutritionist Charlene Ciardiello, who said that Reid’s frame looks “very alarming.” She noted that Reid appeared to be no more than 85 pounds, nearly 30 pounds below her ideal weight of 115 pounds given that she is 5-foot-6.

The report also spoke to a friend who said that Reid has been obsessed with her appearance ever since fans noted and criticized cellulite in photos published by tabloid outlets. Since then, Reid has spiraled into eating disorders and never has a proper meal, the friend revealed. The source also claimed that friends are worried about Reid’s partying and the younger groups of friends she has settled in with, a group that the source said does not have her best interests in mind.

The pictures of Tara Reid going viral on social media come after the star insisted that she does not have an eating disorder. After many people had criticized her appearance, Reid insisted that she is not anorexic and claimed that she is at a normal weight for her body.


“I am not anorexic. I have never been anorexic and I don’t have an eating disorder… I am just thin,” she told the Daily Mail (via the Daily Mirror). “People are overweight and we don’t attack them every time they go out.”

Amid the criticism her photos has brought, Tara Reid is also dealing with difficulty in her personal life. Her father passed away in 2016, and Reid reportedly said that her 70-year-old mother is in ill health as well. Tara said she is worried about what the negative comments and attention she has generated could do to her own mother’s health.

Even before the most recent pictures were published, Tara Reid has been a lightning rod for criticism related to her body. Fans have taken aim not only at her frame but also at her breast implants and allegations that she has gotten plastic surgery.