Kenya Moore’s Fans Advise Her To Keep Husband Off ‘RHOA’ Or She Will Lose Him

Paras GriffinGetty Images for WEtv

Kenya Moore shocked everyone last summer when she announced that she had married a man named Marc Daly. People had no idea who he was, as the news of her destination wedding spread like wildfire in the tabloids. As it turns out, none of her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars were present either, but they were all happy for her. Many fans thought that she had gotten married as part of her storyline, but it sounds like she was indeed very happy with Marc and she has chosen to marry him after a tumultuous relationship with Matt Jordan. They have remained happy and married since this summer.

Given all of the drama on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, it’s no wonder that Kenya wants to keep her husband away from the show. As she has previously pointed out, he never signed up to be on the show. He never wanted the fame and fortune associated with the show. He married Kenya because of her, not because of ber Bravo fame. According to a new Instagram post, Kenya Moore is now getting unsolicited advice from fans. They are asking her to keep her husband private and keep him away from the show and social media. They warn her that she will lose him if she doesn’t.

“Girl keep your man private. Don’t bring him into all that drama. Plus he did not sign up for that,” one person wrote to Kenya, while another added, “Awww… you better keep him off the show or you will def loose him. Never fails.”

It sounds like Kenya Moore wants to do everything to keep this relationship healthy and safe. It didn’t take long for them to get married, and within the first six months of marriage, she and Marc are pursuing a family together. While he lives in New York and she lives in Atlanta, they are still traveling around the country and even internationally to explore fertility clinics. Some reports suggest that she’s very much pregnant with her first child, but she hasn’t confirmed anything yet. Given how she shared the wedding news, one can imagine she will keep the pregnancy a secret for as long as possible. As for Marc, he doesn’t have any social media voice, so fans can’t get his side of the story. He remains a hardworking businessman with no desire to be on a reality show.

Kenya Moore is currently on hiatus from the show as the current season is airing right now on Bravo. But one can imagine she will be back for the newest season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta with her co-stars this summer when they start filming again.