Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Reportedly Bonded ‘Like Never Before,’ Giving Love A Second Chance

When Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt in September 2016, Twitter lit up with speculation about how Jennifer Aniston was reacting. Some blamed Jolie for causing Pitt to split from Aniston, and social media users were gleeful about imagining Jennifer’s joy in seeing Angelina’s marriage to Brad fall apart.

But now rumors are soaring that Aniston’s mood has changed, with Pitt reportedly reaching out to his ex-wife. On January 10, In Touch Weekly reported that Jennifer and Brad have gone beyond reuniting. An insider told the publication that Aniston and Pitt have decided to give their love another chance.

Jennifer Aniston’s Troubled Marriage To Justin Theroux Brings Her Closer To Brad Pitt

When Jennifer and Brad split in 2005, they made headlines. Now, however, Pitt and Aniston reportedly are prepared to make headlines again with news of their rekindled love.

“[Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt] are giving their love a second shot.”

While Brad’s separation from Angelina has been thoroughly documented, it’s only recently that rumors soared about trouble in Jennifer’s marriage to Justin Theroux. Although Aniston and Theroux remain married, the insider reported that their relationship is in trouble.

The heartbreak that Pitt experienced after Jolie filed for divorce and the struggles that Jennifer now reportedly is having in her marriage to Justin have brought the former spouses closer together, said the insider. Brad and Jen have turned to each other for support.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reportedly have reunited.

Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Rebuild Their Relationship

Aniston and Pitt are “leaning on each other more than usual,” a friend of the couple told In Touch.

“Brad and Jen have bonded like never before over the past year.”

However, the bond reportedly took some time to develop. Jennifer allegedly had been hurt by Pitt when he split from her and romanced Angelina Jolie. Following Angelina’s filing for divorce, Brad reportedly apologized to Aniston. That apology, along with his confession to her about how he “wronged her,” reportedly helped Jennifer to trust Pitt again.

Now, with Brad still going through his divorce from Angelina and Aniston having problems in her own marriage, the two have “been helping each other through their respective troubles,” said the insider. Pitt’s confession reportedly made a strong impression on Aniston.

Brad Pitt’s Apology To Jennifer Aniston Changes Everything

In the wake of Brad’s rumored apology to Jennifer, Aniston felt “deeply touched,” according to the source. Rather than let go of the past, his words of regret stayed on her mind, changing how she felt about her ex-husband. But the big question now remains what will happen to Jennifer’s marriage to Justin Theroux.

The insider claimed that Pitt has no desire to be the reason for Aniston to divorce Theroux. Instead, Brad reportedly enjoys focusing on the happy moments during his marriage to Jennifer, viewing Aniston as his “greatest love, soul mate, and closest confidante.” And those memories, along with the problems that Jennifer is having with Justin, reportedly could turn into another marriage for Aniston and Pitt, said the friend.

“If the stars align, Brad and Jen could end up remarried.”

Reflecting on what the future holds for Aniston and Pitt, insiders told In Touch that Jennifer’s and Brad’s relationship has never been better. Pitt reportedly still regrets the past and how he treated Aniston, even speculating that their marriage could have lasted if not for his alleged drinking problems. But now, in his sobriety, Brad reportedly has new hopes for a future that includes Jennifer.

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