‘General Hospital; Spoilers: Jim Harvey Has A Connection To Franco, This Could Shake Things Up For Friz

General Hospital fans were pleasantly surprised when actor Greg Evigan popped up on the ABC soap a week ago. He is currently playing the role of land developer Jim Harvey, who has been brought in by Ned Quartermaine to try to make some headway with the Charles Street project. However, he was met with a few bumps in the road. Harvey also has a surprising connection in Port Charles.

On Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, Harvey first met with the newly married Laura Collins as they butted heads about the future of Charles Street. That meeting was the deciding factor in Laura’s decision to run for mayor. However, that wasn’t the main clincher to this man’s trail of breadcrumbs in Port Charles. The end of the show had Harvey knocking on Elizabeth Webber’s door. According to a recap from SheKnows Soaps, he revealed that he knew Bobby Frank, aka Franco, from their childhood. Liz was quite surprised but not as much as Franco was when he came home to find this guy chatting with the woman he is about to marry.

In the previews for Wednesday’s General Hospital, Franco is apparently very unhappy that Harvey has shown up on his doorstep. It sounds like something went down between them to warrant the negativity from Franco. He certainly doesn’t want his dark past to mess things up with Elizabeth. Could Jim Harvey swoop in with info from Franco’s past that would affect his relationship with Elizabeth?

According to General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central, Franco sets out to reconcile with his past this week, so it most likely has something to do with his reunion with Jim Harvey. Viewers may just get another glimpse into Franco’s past.

Franco’s painting of the twins has popped up once again. It could be that Harvey knows something about Drew, as well as Franco when they were kids. He may be able to give some closure to Franco about his past, or it could be that this Jim Harvey character will turn out to be another thorn in Franco’s side and shake things up for him.

Elizabeth will know that something is up when she sees how uncomfortable her fiance is. This could hinder the wedding plans for Friz if Jim Harvey decides to cause some trouble for Franco. On the other side of the coin, Harvey could help Franco to put his past to rest before he enters into a marriage with Liz.

Stay tuned to General Hospital to see how Jim Harvey knows Franco and if it will have anything to do with the Jason/Drew storyline.

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