Wendy Williams Slammed For Calling Out Oprah Winfrey’s Weight After Moving Golden Globes Speech

Wendy Williams is being put on blast after she called out Oprah Winfrey over her weight on her daily talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, while discussing the media mogul’s moving and inspiring speech during the Golden Globes on January 7. The star slammed Oprah during the Hot Topics segment of the show as she discussed the awards, laughing as she admitted that she thought the host was probably wearing a corset that was ready to burst open.

Wendy laughed as she told the audience that she thought Winfrey was packed so tight into a corset that she thought she was going to pop it open because she spoke with such conviction while accepting her Cecil B. DeMille Award for outstanding contributions to entertainment.

“I could’ve sworn she would pop her corset,” Wendy joked on the show on January 8, “because, you know, Oprah is not the best spokesperson for a weight loss company.”

Williams then went on to accuse the star of being “up to tricks” underneath her dress in order to make herself look slimmer.

“It’s not even Spanx anymore, [it’s] the old-fashioned corset like they wore back in the day, with all the strings,” Wendy continued as her audience laughed along, before the host then mimicked what it could’ve looked like if Winfrey had burst her alleged shapewear while on the stage accepting her award.


Viewers clearly weren’t happy with Williams focusing so heavily on Oprah’s weight as she discussed her Golden Globes speech – which CNN reported brought the room to their feet – on her popular daytime talk show.

Many tuning in to the star’s first show of 2018 slammed the host on social media for her remarks about Oprah’s appearance, with some even claiming Wendy is likely “jealous” of Oprah and her success.

“Wendy is totally lacking in class and her negative comments about Oprah’s under garments validates that,” said The Wendy Williams Show viewer @tine_asbury on Twitter. “She has wanted to be Oprah Winfrey from day one. Not only is she jealous she is also insecure.”

“I watched all of 5 min of Wendy Williams’ return episode. She watched Oprah inspire and immediately went in on her weight. I’m officially done,” another hit back after seeing Williams discussing Winfrey’s weight on the first show back after her holiday hiatus. “…I don’t wanna watch things that make me feel like showering after.”

“Wendy was hating on Oprah SO HARD today during Hot Topics,” then added Twitter user @SharSaysSo of Wendy’s comments about the TV star’s weight.

“Only disgustingly hateful shady envious Wendy would follow up Oprah’s phenomenal speech with irresponsible insults about her weight loss and wearing a corset,” another chimed in after seeing the latest Hot Topic section. “Shameful that women like Wendy don’t use their platforms to uplift rather than tear down.”

Williams’s latest controversial remarks come after an undoubtedly drama-filled 2017 for the New Jersey-based talk show host.

In addition to fainting on live TV during her Halloween show on October 31, the star also weathered a huge storm regarding the state of her 20-year marriage to husband Kevin Hunter after Daily Mail posted a shocking expose claiming he had allegedly been having a decade-long affair with another woman.

Wendy made it clear that she was not about to divorce her husband and vehemently denied the allegations of cheating on her talk show, which came just days after she broke down in tears after making controversial remarks about victims of rape.

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