WWE Reportedly Reached Out To Two Legends To Appear At ‘Raw 25’

On January 22, WWE will be celebrating 25 years of their flagship show, Monday Night Raw. This program is the longest weekly episodic series in television history, and it does not seem to be leaving the airwaves anytime soon. Currently, WWE has stacked the card with appearances, with the event being hosted by both the Barclays Center and Manhattan Center. Right now, the legends who are scheduled to appear include Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, and The Undertaker.

To up the ante of creating a show that would bring more anticipation from the WWE Universe, there are reportedly two more names who the company reached out to. These names are The Rock and Steve Austin. There is no doubt that both Rock and Austin are two of the biggest names who pioneered the revolution of the Monday Night Wars.

On January 11, 1993, Monday Night Raw debuted inside the Manhattan Center in New York City. The show was revolved around the late Bobby Heenan trying to get inside the arena and witness the show. All throughout the evening, Heenan was using different aliases to try to get inside, but it did not work. These moments added to the fact that the debut episode was a must-see event.

Steve Austin made his Raw debut as “The Ringmaster” on the January 8, 1996, episode. The prelude to his debut was the “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase on the Brother Love Show explaining how he has been searching for someone to become the Million Dollar Champion.

He then introduced Austin, who was crowned as the champion. Austin then cut a promo, urging everyone “out there in TV land” to reach out to their screen so they can experience what it feels like to be “destined for success.” He then declared himself as an entrant in the Royal Rumble match and vowed to win the bout.

The Rock made his Raw debut one night after debuting at the Survivor Series event, competing against Salvatore Sincere. Interestingly, Rock would be undefeated in all of his Raw matches in 1996, defeating Sincere on two occasions, as well as the British Bulldog.

The Rock makes his ‘Raw’ debut on November 18, 1996.

Of course, reaching out to them does not confirm their appearance, especially with The Rock’s incredibly hectic schedule, as well as the other endeavors that Austin is committed to. However, there is always a chance that each could clear their schedule to appear, understanding the significance of the show.

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