Meghan Trainor Reveals How Much Weight She’s Lost Amid Comments About Her New Look

Meghan Trainor is revealing just how much weight she’s lost after recently showing off her impressive new figure on Instagram and on Fox’s new singing hit The Four: Battle For Stardom. Meghan, who’s opened up about her healthy new lifestyle on a few occasions over the past few months, officially put a number on all her hard work after receiving both negative and positive attention over her new look.

Speaking out about her recent weight loss in a new interview, Meghan recently told E! News that she’s managed to lose a very impressive 20 pounds over the past several months, noting that she’d managed to shed the pounds “the healthy way” rather than relying on a crash diet or another unhealthy method of slimming down.

Trainor also opened up about why she decided it was time to take care of herself a little more and get on a healthier path, revealing that she wants to be happy and healthy for when she and her new fiancé Daryl Sabara have children together someday.

“One day we’ll have kids,” said Meghan, who got engaged to the Spy Kids actor on her 24th birthday, December 22, adding that she wants “to be the healthiest I can be for those kids.”

Trainor also revealed to the outlet that she’s now “focused” on staying healthy and keeping the weight off by continuing on with her workout routine as she prepares for her upcoming wedding.

Fans have been sharing messages of support for the star on her weight loss over the past few months before she revealed just how many pounds she’s dropped. While many deservedly heaped praise on the singer for adopting a healthy new lifestyle, a few have actually called out the star now that she’s 20 pounds lighter.

While the majority of comments from fans have been supportive of Meghan, others have been noting that Trainor shot to fame with her 2014 hit “All About That Bass,” which is about embracing her curves and loving her body no matter what her size.

“Wait so Meghan Trainor lost 20 pounds after making a song that bashes girls who are ‘skinny’…………..ok,” tweeted @xchelsmg, while another hit back at the “Dear Future Husband” singer, “Meghan Trainor lost [20] lbs because she wants to be healthy enough to have kids but she preached to the world for a solid 2 years that being overweight was good because no one likes skinny girls.”

The mixed reaction from fans first began earlier this year after Trainor began sharing photos of her new body on Instagram and opened up about how Daryl had introduced her to working out and eating healthier.

But it seems like Trainor is thankfully ignoring all the haters, as she’s spoken very openly about getting in shape and losing weight while thanking her boyfriend for changing her life and revealing the secret to her new body, admitting that she’s “never felt better.”

“[Daryl] taught me how you can feel better if you eat healthier and exercise, even mentally,” Meghan told Entertainment Tonight last month, adding that she’s now become “obsessed” with working out.

The Four judge also revealed her secret weapon to dropping the pounds and getting healthier, as she admitted that one of the main ways she was able to lose weight has been by working out with Shaun T’s fitness DVDs.

“It’s amazing,” Meghan revealed of her exercise routine in December. “I bought the DVDs. I’m obsessed with it.”

The Four: Battle For Stardom airs on Fox on Thursday nights.

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