Phil Rosenthal Debuts Charming Netflix ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ Trailer Before Premiere This Week

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Phil Rosenthal has packed his bags and moved his food and travel show from PBS to Netflix, and its new incarnation Somebody Feed Phil will debut on January 12 on streaming giant Netflix. The last time fans saw the Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal, it was when he was traveling around Asia and Europe with his series I’ll Have What Phil’s Having (also now streaming on Netflix), wrapping up the tour in his adopted hometown of Los Angeles. But with his new series Somebody Feed Phil, Rosenthal is pinballing across the globe to places like Mexico City, Lisbon, and American food Mecca New Orleans. And fans can jump in and travel with Phil Rosenthal on Somebody Feed Phil soon on Netflix.

Phil Rosenthal Is Back On Netflix With Somebody Feed Phil

And along the way on Somebody Feed Phil, fans once again will get to enjoy some comic relief courtesy of Rosenthal’s parents, Helen and Max Rosenthal via Skype, and his brother, Rich Rosenthal, who is largely behind the camera but swoops in for a nibble here and there, says the Hollywood Reporter. Somebody Feed Phil will also include several comedic celebrity guests who are FOP (Friends of Phil), including Ray Romano, Martin Short, Allison Janney, and Larry Wilmore.

The rabid fans (and I’m one of them) of I’ll Have What Phil’s Having tried to be patient after the one and only season of the original show aired in 2015, but in time, people started to reach out to Rosenthal asking when they would get to see him globetrotting and having new culinary experiences. Watching old episodes on Netflix made the wait bearable, but soon that wasn’t enough.

The Phil Rosenthal Move To Netflix Is A Good Thing, As It Means A Bigger Budget

But now the bottom line has been revealed, and the truth is that the Phil Rosenthal foodie travel series was too expensive for PBS, hence the move to Netflix, which has deeper pockets. Rosenthal wanted fans to know he heard them, and he tried to share as much information as he could via Twitter and Instagram (@Phil.Rosenthal).

“I just want to thank you all for your support this year and I’m so happy you liked the food and travel show and I’ve gotten all your messages on social media asking are there going to be more shows.”

Rosenthal added that he is about to “begin a new journey exclusively with Netflix” adding #NetflixandPhil is the new trending hashtag as the countdown begins for the show.

Fans Will Love Somebody Feed Phil On Netflix As He’s The Perfect Host

If you’re not familiar with the original Phil Rosenthal food travel series it’s worth falling into a show hole with on a Sunday afternoon, and every indication says that Somebody Feed Phil will also be a satisfying binge. Phil Rosenthal has no pretention, jumping into every new food and travel experience with the enthusiasm of a kid on holiday where none of his cool friends can see him gush.

With Somebody Feed Phil, Rosenthal opens the door to the food, restaurants, and experiences that can be had at random places around the world, says Entertainment Weekly. Rosenthal shares his mission statement in his Somebody Feed Phil trailer which announces the Netflix premiere.

“I find a new place, see what everybody’s eating, and sometimes miracles happen.”

And one of the most delightful things about Phil Rosenthal is that he’s willing to try anything once, whether it’s paddling through rice paddies or eating a century egg. Phil Rosenthal is always up for a good time.

Watch The Somebody Feed Phil Netflix Trailer Here