Prince Harry And Royal Family ‘Hate’ Donald Trump For Stalking Princess Diana, Bragging He Could’ve Bedded Her

Prince Harry and the entire royal family reportedly “hate” Donald Trump for stalking Princess Diana and bragging — just weeks after her death — that he could have slept with her.

Though the tension dates back decades, it has come to light again now that Prince Harry is planning a wedding with Meghan Markle and Trump is likely to be off the guest list. Trump has been known his entire adult life to brag about his prowess with women, but was particularly graphic when speaking about Princess Diana. As Cheat Sheet noted, Trump was a guest on Howard Stern’s radio show in 1997, shortly after Princess Diana died in a car crash in Paris. During the interview, Trump bragged that he could have “nailed” Princess Diana if he wanted to, and would have done it “without hesitation.” Trump also said he would have given her an HIV test first.

The remarks have not been forgotten by Prince Harry or others in the royal family, the Daily Beast reported.

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry have all privately expressed their distaste for Trump,” author Christopher Anderson told the outlet.

That was not the only difficult history between Donald Trump and the royal family. As the Daily Mail noted in 2015, Trump appeared to be obsessed with the Duchess of York after her divorce from Prince Charles and “bombarded” her with flowers. One friend of Princess Diana noted that she wanted nothing to do with the real estate mogul, saying that Trump gave her the “creeps.”

This could have significance as Prince Harry plans his wedding and decides on a guest list. While it has generally been protocol for state leaders to be invited to royal weddings, many believe that Trump will not get an invite, and Barack Obama, who has become friends with Prince Harry, could get one instead.

As Mercury News noted, Prince Harry is not the only one in Britain with mixed feelings toward Donald Trump, and it could grow worse if Trump is left of the wedding guest list.

“Relations with Trump’s White House are strained. Trump has put off visiting the U.K., reportedly out of concerns that his presence in London could spark massive protests. Now with the royal wedding looming, there are further concerns that Prime Minister Theresa May would have trouble engaging with Trump diplomatically if he suffered another national snub by being kept off the guest list in favor of the Obamas, a senior government official told ‘The Sun.'”

It is not clear if Donald Trump will get an invite to Prince Harry’s wedding, as he and Meghan Markle have not made any of their plans public yet.

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