O.J. Simpson Planning To Sue Cosmopolitan Hotel For $100 Million If Conditions Aren’t Met

Jason BeanGetty Images

On November 8 of last year, O.J. Simpson was kicked out of the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas just one month after his release from prison. Simpson was attending the hotel’s Clique Bar and Lounge when he was asked to leave over drunk and belligerent behavior.

According to TMZ, Simpson became angry while sitting at the bar and threw glasses and was subsequently removed by security. The former running back has denied these stories, claiming he was not drunk and did not throw any glasses.

Now it’s being reported that Simpson is “threatening” to sue the casino for $100 million. KTNV got their hands on the letter Simpson’s lawyer, Malcolm LaVergne, sent to the Cosmo.

According to the notice, LaVergne is claiming the Cosmo “discriminately singled out Mr. Simpson amongst his non-African friends.” The letter also states Simpson was behaving properly at the lounge and was painted “in a false light.” LaVergne additionally claimed the Cosmo kicked out the parolee for financial gain, by providing false stories to the media for profit.

LaVergne is also alleging the Cosmo was planning to ban Simpson before he ever stepped foot on the property that evening. The Juice’s attorney also noted hotel executives viewed footage from the alleged belligerent incident, which did not coincide with the staff’s recollections of the evening. Despite seeing a different story play out on the tape, the hotel did not change their decision to ban Simpson from their property.


If the Cosmo follows the terms in the letter, LaVergne is claiming Simpson will not sue the property for $100 million. The terms include the casino issuing retractions related to the incident. They are also asking for surveillance tapes from the evening, documentation of felons who visited the establishment and were not banned, a list of all employees who engaged with Simpson during his visit that evening, among many other requests which can be found in the letter here.

However, if the Cosmo does not comply with the notices requests, they can expect a $100 million lawsuit to be delivered promptly. The Las Vegas property has not commented on the notice, as it is a legal matter.


The $100 million could come in handy for the Juice, as he reportedly still owes the Brown and Goldman families $58 million according to Reuters. Simpson originally owed the families $33.5 million in 1995 over wrongful death suits which the parolee hardly put a dent in. After interest a new court developments, the damages have significantly increased.