Donald And Melania Trump’s Odd Marriage Reportedly Started Off With A Weird Wedding

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Donald Trump’s marriage has been the subject of a lot of talk lately. Although the 45th president would like to make all the rumors go away, his odd marriage with Melania keeps getting stranger by the day. And it all started with one of the weirdest weddings on record.

Inside Trump’s Odd Wedding

According to Mirror, Trump’s lavish wedding occurred six years after he divorced his second wife, Marla Maples. The ceremony included over 350 guests, two ridiculously expensive wedding dresses and plenty of drama. For starters, Trump and Melania invited Bill and Hillary Clinton to the ceremony and were even caught laughing with them after the wedding.

At the time, Bill had been retired from politics for four years and the couples were good friends. Other celebrity guests included Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kelly Ripa, Usher, Matt Lauer, Billy Joel, P Diddy, and Shaquille O’Neal.

Melania Had Two Wedding Dresses

Melania, meanwhile, wasn’t happy with just one wedding gown. In a spread for Vogue magazine, Melania showed off her first choice: an $80,000 dress from Christian Dior complete with diamond bracelets, a shiny diamond necklace, and her $1.5 million ring. Before the wedding, Melania discovered that she couldn’t walk very well in the dress and bought a Vera Wang gown for the reception.

What Did The Wedding Look Like?

Trump and Melania tied the knot in Palm Beach, Florida, at the Episcopal Church of Bethesda. Locals gathered for the event, which was held on the beach, to catch glimpses of their favorite celebrities. After the vows, Trump presented Melania with a whopping 13-carat diamond ring and the couple left to celebrate privately at their Mar-a-Lago estate.

Guests at the wedding were treated with shrimp salad and beef tenderloin. The reception was held inside Mar-a-Lago’s Grand Ballroom, which cost an incredible $35 million to renovate.


Trump’s Faces More Criticism

Although Trump spared no expense at the wedding, Newsweek reports that his marriage came under fire in a new book by Michael Wolff, titled Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.


In the book, Wolff claims that Trump often referred to Melania as his “trophy wife” and that the couple would spend days apart, despite living in the same building. Trump has since denied Wolff’s claims and says the book is a complete fabrication.

Donald and Melania Trump have both spoken out, denying Wolff’s claims about their marriage.