Trump Thinks Husband And Wife Should Do Their ‘Own Thing,’ Alleges New Book

President Donald Trump has allegedly told his friends that he has figured out the secret to marriage. However, that secret doesn’t exactly include marriage counseling, praying together, or nightly dinners as some marriage experts might suggest. According to author Michael Wolff, in his popular book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, Trump thinks a husband and wife should do their “own thing.”

Wolff reports that Trump believed he perfected the art of marriage by adopting the “live and let live” school of thought when it came to marrying a woman much younger than him. At 47 years of age, Melania is 24 years younger than Donald’s 71 years of age. Michael called Trump “a notorious womanizer” who became the most famous “masher” in the world during his presidential campaign. According to Urban Dictionary, a masher is defined as “a man who attempts to force his unwelcome attentions on a woman.”

Trump’s theory assumed that the more years that separated an older man and his younger wife, the less the younger woman viewed her husband’s cheating as a fault she should take personally. It’s not clear why Trump may presume that a younger wife wouldn’t object as much to an older, cheating husband – but perhaps the logic included the notion that a young “trophy wife” would only be in the marriage with a rich older man due to the creature comforts he could provide.

Nevertheless, Wolff wrote that the marriage of Donald and Melania wasn’t a marriage only on paper.

Trump Marriage Secrets: Donald Thinks A Young Woman Like Melania Doesn't Take Older Man's Cheating Personally

Trump had an admiration for his wife that found him raving about her beauty, sharing his fortune, and turning to Melania to gain approval for running for president.

“And while he may not have quite shared his life with her, he gladly shared the spoils of it. ‘A happy wife is a happy life,’ he said, echoing a popular rich-man truism. He also sought Melania’s approval.”

Melania, meanwhile, believed her husband would win but feared what that win would do to her life, as reported by the Washington Post. Wolff called Trump a notoriously and “chronically—he would say helplessly—unfaithful husband” who broke his promise to his wife not to win the presidency.

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