‘Top Chef: Colorado’ Recap: Week 5 — Who Was Eliminated?

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The chefs on Top Chef: Colorado headed out to the woods tonight on Bravo, as it was time for some camping and snow. The temperatures were cold, but the dishes were hot on Top Chef Season 15, but who was eliminated on Top Chef: Colorado tonight? Find out the Week 5 results below in our Top Chef spoilers.

Last week on Top Chef Season 15, the chefs started out with the Quickfire Challenge, which had them updating a classic children’s menu dish. There was a twist though, as they had to use children-size bakeware to complete the challenge. Adrienne won the challenge and won immunity on the night. From there, the Elimination Challenge had the chefs creating a dish that represented their heritage. Tyler tried to merge Southern California cuisine with his Swedish heritage and it did not work out, as he was eliminated.

Last Chance Kitchen Twist

The chefs headed to the kitchen, as they were shocked to see some Top Chef veterans cooking and Tom Colicchio. He informed them that the winner of this challenge would be headed into the competition, and it was Lee Anne Wong from Season 1, Kwame Onwuachi from Season 13, and Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins, who were eliminated earlier this season. Tom couldn’t decide between two chefs, so it was a tie and both Claudette and Lee Anne are back on Top Chef: Colorado.

Top Chef Colorado Spoilers - Last Chance Kitchen results
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Elimination Challenge

Since there was the Last Chance Kitchen twist tonight, there was no Quickfire Challenge. For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs headed out into the woods for some camping. They had to create a five-star meal using only camping equipment and limited ingredients. The chefs got to pick out their ingredients from the pantry and each chef had to create a dish.

Let It Snow

The chefs raided the pantry and then headed out to get their camping gear. From there, it was out to the woods and it was snow all around them. They were in for some cold temperatures overnight, which made it difficult to cook some of their dishes the next day. They enjoyed some campfire music and food, but the fun was about to start the next day.


The judges on Top Chef: Colorado arrived in the woods and it was time to taste these five-star dishes. Below are some critiques from the judges on each dish.

  • Joseph – It was slightly overcooked.
  • Fatima – The cook on the duck was impressive.
  • Bruce – The pasta was fabulous and the sauce was very rich.
  • Carrie – They said it was absolutely amazing and couldn’t get enough of her cake.
  • Adrienne – They were impressed with the seasoning, but breast was overcooked.
  • Lee Anne – Her goose was fantastic and they loved all the flavors.
  • Joe – He did a nice job, as it was simple and focused.
  • Claudette – The cook was very good and tender.
  • Tanya – They were confused by her dish. There was too much going on.
  • Chris – They wanted more heat in the chili and it was dry.
  • Tu – They think he should have stuck to just one type of rabbit.
  • Brother – The flavor in the pheasant was great, but it was a mess.

Top Chef Colorado Spoilers - Week 5 results

Judges’ Table

After discussing all of the dishes from tonight, the chefs were back in front of the judges. The top three dishes came from Carrie, Lee Anne, and Bruce. The judges loved Bruce’s pasta and sauce, so he was the winner of tonight’s challenge. The bottom three dishes came from Chris, Tu, and Tanya. The judges discussed the dishes one more time, as they determined tonight’s least favorite dish came from Tu and he was eliminated tonight on Top Chef Season 15, as he headed off to Last Chance Kitchen.

Top Chef: Colorado airs on Thursday nights at 10/9c on Bravo.