‘My 600-lb Life’ James K Update: James Is Currently In The ICU, Fans Fear He Might Not Make It

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My 600-lb Life star James K is one of the most polarizing individuals ever to be featured in TLC’s hit reality TV show. While his severe condition attracted a lot of sympathy from the My 600-lb Life community, his actions towards his family, as well as his lack of motivation, ultimately caused many of the show’s fans to look at James K in an unfavorable light.

Since appearing on the show, updates about James K’s condition became very difficult to find, considering that both James and his partner, Lisa, maintained a pretty low profile on social media. Recently, however, theThe Inquisitr was able to find some information about the controversial reality TV star, thanks to updates from Rudi Pijnnaken of Physical Therapy International, who took on James K’s case after he appeared on the show.

Unfortunately for the reality TV star, the physical therapist’s latest updates on his firm’s official Facebook page show that James K was not doing well at all. After Pijnnaken was struck with a mild stroke, James K ended up spiraling out of control, ultimately gaining weight again. Pijnnaken even attempted to raise money for the My 600-lb Life star through a GoFundMe drive.

Recently, however, a member of the r/My600lb subreddit discovered that Lisa admitted that the controversial reality TV star was rushed to the ICU in Houston a few days ago. According to the Redditor, Lisa has stated that her partner was taken to the hospital due to kidney failure, sepsis, and fatty cirrhosis of the liver. The redditor, as well as other members of the online community, voiced their concerns about the reality TV star, with some fearing that James K might not make it.

Overall, however, the reaction of the My 600-lb Life community to James K’s current plight is quite similar to the reality TV community’s reaction when his episodes aired on TLC. While his situation is indeed sympathetic, many still found it quite difficult to ignore the fact that James K’s condition was ultimately caused by his careless eating habits and his tendency to be incredibly stubborn when experts such as Dr. Now attempted to help him.

During the final days of 2017, Lisa and James K finally broke their social media silence by starting The James K Story Facebook page. The page, which is maintained by Lisa, featured the latest developments on her partner’s health condition. In a post on January 1, Lisa uploaded a photo of James K on the hospital, saying that he had a lot of swelling and that he had gained a lot of fluid weight.

Also uploaded on that day was an image of James K with a swan catheter being inserted into his pulmonary artery. The catheter, according to Lisa’s post, was placed by doctors as a way to detect heart failure and sepsis.

While the recent news about James K’s condition is indeed very grave, another member of the r/My600lbLife subreddit claimed to have received a relatively positive update from Lisa through the social media platform.

“James is still in the ICU, and yes, he has been diagnosed with sepsis and also first stage cirrhosis of the liver, caused by having a fatty liver. Which, in turn, our liver kidney specialist has told us this will make it harder to lose weight.”

“(This) is the reason James has gained fluid in his body. His kidneys were trying to shut down due to the infection, causing his blood pressure to drop very low. He is losing weight again since they have the sepsis under control. We believe when he was hospitalized in September that they had sent him home too early with leg infections of cellulitis.”

If there is anything positive about this latest James K update, it is the fact that Lisa mentioned that the My 600-lb Life star’s sepsis is currently under control. Hopefully, it would be a pivotal step towards the reality TV star’s eventual recovery.