Michelle Obama’s Invited Guest Booted From ‘The Voice’ Taping And Now Suing NBC In New Report

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A man who accepted an invitation from Michelle Obama’s office and who showed up at a special taping of The Voice per that invitation is now suing NBC. Greg Duncan claims NBC treated him like a criminal and despite being invited to that taping by Michelle Obama, he was booted from the premises. Ducan’s lawsuit claims that this incident is getting in the way of him securing employment.

TMZ reports that Duncan, who is a U.S. military veteran, claims he was extended an invitation to the special taping of The Voice for veterans by the office of Michelle Obama, who was the First Lady at the time. When Ducan appeared on the site, he was put through two security screenings and after that, he was told to “enjoy the show” by a Secret Service agent.

According to Fox News, Duncan said that he had food and drinks while on the lot for hours before they decided to escort him off. It wasn’t until he was lined up to get on the shuttle to the set that he was approached by security.

According to the court documents that TMZ obtained, Duncan said that NBC’s security personnel and sheriffs approached him and told him he had to leave. This came without any explanation, he was told only that it was the Secret Service ordering him off the premises and that he was banned from returning.

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Duncan, who said he is now a commander in the U.S. Coast Guard, asked to meet with the Secret Service so he could get to the bottom of this sudden ban from seemingly out of nowhere. He was given an appointment in June of last year and in that meeting he was given an explanation as to what happened.

There is a group that got a hold of the wristbands used by NBC that are worn to give access to the studio. Duncan was told that his resemblance to the man they use as a “lookout” for this group was what caused the incident where he was led off the NBC premises. Apparently, it was mistaken identity.

As far as Duncan is concerned, NBC got the wrong guy, but this ban put in place by NBC has hampered Duncan’s ability to get a job. Because of this Duncan is suing NBC for “unspecified damages,” reports TMZ.