Melania Trump’s Shower Curtain Dress: ‘Who Wore It Better’ Photo Is Fake But $5,139 Dress Is Real And Sold Out

A popular meme going around social media has some people thinking that First Lady Melania Trump wore a dress made out of a shower curtain pattern, but the fake photo has been digitally altered. Two days after donning the silky gown, which cost more than $5,000, Melania is still getting buzz for the designer creation, according to the Inquisitr.

As reported by the Snopes article titled “Did Melania Trump Wear Shower Curtains?” the photos circulating about Melania’s dress sharing a shower curtain pattern are fake. The photographer who took the original photo also debunked the fake photo as fake news. Photographer Adam Parkhomenko? took to Twitter, as seen in the below photo, to inform the public that he was the originator of the the real photo. However, someone else created the fake photo, replacing the pattern of the shower curtain with the floral pattern of Melania’s dress.

Adam wrote that the same types of mean-spirited or humorous memes circulated about former First Lady Michelle Obama, with the photographer noting that it’s not right to create hurtful things about either first lady. Melania’s New Year’s Eve 2017 dress actually did not look like a shower curtain. The below photo displays the actual floral pattern that the shower curtain had prior to the photo being manipulated and how much different it appears from Melania’s dress.

What is true, according to Vogue, is that Melania’s dress is the “Emery Dress Pink” with embroidered rose satin, originally priced at £3,780.00 — or $5,139.93 USD — on the Erdem website. That scene-stealing dress went on sale on the designer’s site for £2,645.00 — or $3,595.22 USD — but it is now sold out.

Even the on-sale versions of the dress on Browns fashion website are now listed as “out of stock” also. Apparently all the attention given to Melania’s dress from memes mocking the pink floral gown to those praising the romantic floral bouquets on the dress helped bring attention to the gown. At least enough to make shoppers want to buy it. Previously, on January 1, the Browns fashion website still had the dress listed for sale for 60 percent off the normal price and listed at $2,201.26, but now the popular dress is sold out.

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