Kendall Jenner Shows Off Toned Abs To Shut Down Pregnancy Rumors

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It seems like 2017 was the year the Kardashians all faced pregnancy rumors. We have moved into 2018, but those pregnancy rumors continue. This time, it is Kendall Jenner facing the pregnancy rumors after posting a selfie that many fans thought showed off a baby bump. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star addressed the rumors, but she took it one step further and posted a new photo showing off her six-pack abs to show fans she is not pregnant.

The rumors all started last Friday when Kendall Jenner posted a selfie on Instagram. She captioned the photo “loner life.” In the photo, she is wearing a black-and-white polka-dot dress. With the angle of the photo, it appears like Kendall could have been sporting a baby bump. Fans shared their opinions in the comments section of the photo, and many of them thought she was pregnant.

As People reported, Jenner addressed those rumors on Twitter. When a fan tweeted her mentioning the pregnancy rumors, Kendall replied saying, “I just like bagels ok!!!” While one Twitter reply does not satisfy everyone’s need to obsess about this possible pregnancy, Jenner took it one step further. She took to her Instagram account and shared a photo of her and Bella Hadid during their New year’s celebrations. Jenner just happens to be wearing a crop top and sporting some very toned abs.

new year, same us

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Yeah, those do not look like the abs of a pregnant woman. The “baby bump” fans saw in that polka-dot dress also seems to be gone. A source told Hollywood Life that Kendall felt pretty weird regarding all the hype around that photo and her pregnancy rumors.

“Kendall thinks the pregnancy speculation is ludicrous, and hilarious. She has absolutely zero intention of getting pregnant anytime soon, as she’s super into her career right now. Kendall’s new year resolution is to up her modeling game even further, and to become one of the most successful and sought after supermodels in the world.”

Kendall also posted a video to her Instagram, which showed her and a group of friends ringing in the new year. In the video, you can see Bella Hadid, but there is someone noticeably missing. Jenner is rumored to be dating Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin, but he was not seen during the celebration. Hollywood Life did state that the Clippers played the Hornets on New Year’s Eve, so he could have arrived late to the party.

❤️ 2018

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For now, Kendall will be enjoying the start of 2018 with her friends and not being pregnant.