Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Make ‘Counting On’ Fans Swoon With Romantic New Years Eve Instagram

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Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo may be the only Duggar couple without a baby, but that has not affected the way they feel toward one another. While all the other married siblings of Jinger are busy getting pregnant and taking care of their babies, she and her husband have been enjoying time together without having such responsibilities. In fact, amongst Counting On fans, they are touted as one of the most romantic Duggar couples.

The 24-year-old Duggar and the 30-year-old pastor got married in November 2016 in her Arkansas home church. The couple had a short courting period, followed by even shorter engagement. As soon as they were married, the couple relocated away from Arkansas, which none of the Duggar couples have done before, and started their lives in Laredo, Texas.

Despite having been married for over a year, Jinger and Jeremy are in love more than ever. While her sisters have tapered off on posting romantic pictures on Instagram soon after having kids, Jinger and Jeremy have continued to publicly express love for one another on Instagram.

Right before it turned 2018, the pastor of Grace Community Church Laredo posted a picture with his wife that took their fans’ breath away. Under the soft light, Jeremy captured how they are with each other as he bid 2017 goodbye.

Au revoir, 2017.

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Counting On fans could not hide their enthusiasm and admiration for the couple in the comment section of this photo.

“Wow so romantic,” one fan wrote. “Candle lights and moonlight or any other night lights bring out faces so much more. You really belong to each other.”

Another fan exclaimed, “Y’all are too precious for words!”

“Happy New Year! Jinger is looking at you with such love,” another noted, “You are an awesome couple.”

This holiday season has been one filled with love and joy for the 23-year-old and 30-year-old. Even before posting this romantic picture, Jeremy posted a picture of his wife he took in Philadelphia as they were visiting his parents’ side of the family.


“The way you speak of Jinger is just beautiful,” a fan commented.

“I absolutely love how you and Jeremy live your lives,” another one chimed in. “Thanks for sharing!”

This is the second Christmas in a row that Jinger has spent away from her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and traveled to Philadelphia to be with the Vuolos.

Famiglia ☺️

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The fans are waiting to see more of her life on the upcoming season of Counting On.