Meghan Markle’s Christmas Dress Was A $298, Off-The-Rack Garment From Canadian Retailer Club Monaco

Meghan Markle’s Christmas dress was an off-the-rack number that anyone can buy (for $300CDN) at Canadian retailer Club Monaco, the Daily Mail is reporting.

It may seem odd to be talking about Meghan’s fashion choices for Christmas, what with a week having passed and the British press and public having moved on from her historic visit to Sandringham. But if you remember the news of that day, you may also remember a couple of things that distracted from the news of the dress she wore. First: Meghan’s hat, which the Inquisitr pointed out resembles the “poop emoji,” dominated the Fashion headlines that day. It was a cold day in London that day (high in the low 50’s, according to Time and Date), so you couldn’t even see much of her dress, just her coat.

Now, a week later, the Canadian retailer has confirmed, via their Instagram account, that the soon-to-be Princess wore one of their dresses.

“A very short-term #fbf to Christmas Day when we got a peek at the lovely @meghanmarkle wearing our velvet Tay dress to visit the royal family.”

You can see a very small part of the dress in the image below. Look at Meghan’s right leg.

It’s probably best that Meghan wore a coat that day, as the dress’ plunging neckline might have made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The dress can be yours, if you can find it in your size, for $298 CDN (about $236.70 USD).

$250 may be a bit much to spend on a dress if you live on a tight budget. But in the high-falutin’ world of European royalty, where designer gowns worn by Queens and Princess can run into the thousands (or tens of thousands), a $250 dress is absolutely downmarket. Especially considering that it was — gasp! — off-the-shelf, and not designed specifically for Meghan.

However, don’t be too quick to conclude that Meghan is going to eschew centuries of royal fashion tradition in favor of a more subdued, budget-friendly wardrobe. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the dress Meghan wore for her official engagement photos came with a jaw-dropping price tag: £56,000 ($75,000).

To be fair, Meghan purchased the dress with her own money rather than with money from the royal coffers. What’s more, she undoubtedly got a steep discount on the price from designer Ralph & Russo in exchange for the publicity.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are scheduled to get married on May 19.

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