Matt Lauer Turned 60 With Kids: Former ‘Today’ Host Cancels ‘Blow-Out Birthday Party’ Amid Scandal

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Turning 60 is a huge milestone, so it is no surprise that Matt Lauer had intended to have a blow-out birthday party on December 30 to celebrate this landmark birthday. But, his inappropriate sexual behavior scandal forced Lauer to turn this celebrated event into a low-key family dinner. What were the original plans of the former Today Show host, and what did he reportedly do instead?

Hollywood Life spoke to a “source close to Matt” who stated that Lauer’s intended 60th birthday celebration was going to be a “blow-out” extravaganza. He intended on having family, his co-workers from NBC, and even celebrity pals celebrate his milestone birthday day on December 30. But, once he was fired from NBC for sexual misconduct, he canceled his birthday celebration for “obvious reasons.”

According to Celebrity Insider, Lauer toned down his birthday celebration tremendously. Instead of a blow-out, he chose to go low-key with family dinner at their Hamptons home, Strongheart Manor.

When it comes to family, this includes his three children and his wife, Annette Roque, who no longer wears her wedding ring and has recently been seen visiting the office of a high-profile divorce attorney.

Hollywood Life contends that Matt Lauer’s wife was to attend this sedate birthday celebration, as the couple has chosen to present a “united front” for their three children, Jack, 16, Romy, 14 and youngest son Thijs, 11, despite an insider stating that it is clear that the relationship between Lauer and Roque is “incredibly frosty.” At this time, there is no confirmation on whether she did attend.

There has been speculation from both publications that perhaps even a few of Matt Lauer’s friends that have “remained loyal” to the former Today host were included in this family gathering.

In the past week, Matt Lauer has been seen in public a few times in the Hamptons.

The day before Christmas Eve, the Inquisitr reported that a rather somber Lauer was seen going into their horse training facility, Bright Side Farm, a short time after wife Roque and daughter Romy had gone in.

Later that day, he looked a little more relaxed as he hung out with his two sons and some other male friends in the Hamptons.

A couple of days before his birthday, Lauer was seen taking a female family friend to the train station, not far from his Hamptons home. Both Lauer and the unidentified friend looked somber as they stood several feet apart, and she waited for the train.

Clearly, Matt Lauer wants to move on from all of this, and move forward with his life.

According to the source who spoke to Hollywood Life, Matt Lauer just wants the holidays to be over with, and he wants to move forward from this disastrous “nightmare chapter of his life.”

“Matt just wants to get the holidays, and his birthday, over and done with. He really feels he has nothing to celebrate right now, and he just can’t wait to close this utterly horrible nightmare chapter of his life.”