Matt Lauer And Wife Annette Roque Reunite For Christmas Despite Divorce Rumors

Sam Gries Getty Images

Christmas is often the time when estranged parents set aside their differences, and it appears that is true with Matt Lauer and his “ring-less wife” Annette Roque. The couple has reunited in the Hamptons to celebrate the season of giving with their three children, Jack, 16, Romy, 14, and youngest son Thijs, 11, despite numerous indications that a divorce is imminent.

According to E! News, on Saturday, Lauer was seen at their 40-acre Sag Harbor horse farm and riding facility, Bright Side Farm, where he “met up” with his daughter Romy and Roque. Mother and daughter had entered first and later in the day, Lauer appeared, head down, walking rather somberly.

Then, also on Saturday, Lauer was out in the Hamptons with his two sons and other male friends, where the mood looked a little lighter.

The family enjoyed a luxurious Hamptons lifestyle. Just over a year ago, the couple purchased their $36.5 million home from actor Richard Gere.

According to Architectural Digest, the century-old Hamptons estate called Strongheart Manor is located right on a private beach. The deluxe property is 14,000-square-feet of Hampton’s luxury. There are 12 bedrooms, 12 baths, a pond, and a basketball court.

According to People, the couple first met in July 1997. They were set up on a blind date by freelance stylist Maria Santoro. One pal told the publication that “there was definitely a connection.”

Yet the Palm Beach Post reports that the former Today host insists that this blind date meeting was not “love at first sight.” Instead, Lauer described his early relationship with the Victoria’s Secret catalog model as a sort of a slow burn.

“It was one of those slow-developing things. I don’t think I kissed her for two months.”

The couple married a year later, but their relationship woes have been tabloid fodder for much of their marriage.

The most serious was in 2006, while pregnant with their third child, Roque filed for divorce citing “cruel and inhumane” treatment from her spouse.

Reporting on watermarked court documents, Newsweek stated that Lauer caused his wife mental and physical anguish due to his harsh criticism of her parental skills, as he went into “fits of rage.”

Newsweek also published the revelation, from a CBS News report, that Lauer fought for his marriage mostly because of pressure by NBC News to keep up his public image as a “family man.” A divorced Today host was not allowed by the powers that be at NBC.

It may be ironic to some that although Matt Lauer allegedly remained married to Roque over the years because of career reasons, now that his career is in shambles, his family is who he is with now during this difficult time of life.

According to ET, Matt has been in the Hamptons with his children. A source told them that he is laying low, spending time with his kids.

“His only focus right now is his family. He’s with them in the Hamptons and he’s working on keeping a low profile while he deals with this tough situation.”


In late November, Today Show fans were shocked when the popular morning host was fired for inappropriate sexual behavior. Matt Lauer made $25 million a year, and according to Time, is worth over $100 million.

Several days before Christmas, Roque was seen at a divorce lawyer’s office, sparking speculation that the couple will be getting divorced soon.