‘Destiny 2’ Fated Engram May Have Issues Giving Duplicate Exotic Items

Destiny 2 players appear to have yet another issue to contend with. The recently added Fated Engram was billed as giving players a guaranteed Exotic they don’t already own. It appears to be behaving badly instead as Guardians on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC are reporting they are receiving Exotic items they already own.

The cause of the Fated Engram giving duplicates is unknown at the moment, but Bungie has confirmed it investigating the issue. Destiny 2 players in the official forums and the Destinysub-Reddit. have claimed to have received duplicate Exotics and it has even happened to one of the Inquisitr editors.

Some players reported the duplicate they received was for an Exotic dismantled but still in their Exotic collection. Meanwhile, others have reported receiving duplicates for items they have the inventory.

Here is how Bungie explains Fated Engrams are supposed to work in Destiny 2.

“The Fated Engram should provide an undiscovered Exotic item unless the Character that bought it has already discovered all available Exotic Weapons and all Exotic Armor for their class. Exotic items that are in your Collections, Vault, and Inventory should count as discovered.”

The good news is the frequency of Fated Engrams gifting duplicate Exotic items appears to be relatively low based on the number of comments. Unfortunately, it is still happening, and Destiny 2 players should probably avoid dismantling their Exotic items until Bungie delivers a fix.

The bad news is this is yet another issue with Destiny 2 Bungie must address from the most recent update to Xur’s inventory. The Three of Coins currently does not provide a boost to the chance of receiving Exotics when playing the Strike playlist. Additionally, the boost to Public Event activities is practically non-existent as Bungie also decreased the chances of receiving an Exotic from the activity during the same update.

Those who spend the Legendary Shards on Three of Coins are best served using them while playing Destiny activities with a high-chance of rewarding an Exotic. This includes Nightfall Strikes, Trials of Osiris, and the Raid.

Bungie is expected to start fully addressing the various Destiny 2 issues beginning next week with the start of the new year. Making Faction Rallies and Iron Banner accessible to those without the Curse of the Osiris expansion is coming in a Wednesday update. Other improvements planned for the first part of 2018 include improvements to the mod system, ranked Crucible matches, private Crucible matches, a new emote interface, better protection against Exotic duplicates, and an overhaul of Eververse and end-game rewards.

The Destiny 2 developers have their work cut out for them to deliver fixes to a game while also readying the Gods of Mars expansion for a March release.

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