Barbara Walters Reportedly On Her Deathbed, Inside Her Health Crisis

Barbara Walters has overcome a lot of obstacles in life, but her most recent health battle might be too much for the 88-year-old to handle. Three years after retiring, Walters is reportedly on her deathbed after suffering hip issues and loss of strength. Is the longtime television host really at the end of the road?

Inside Walters’ Health Crisis

An inside source told Closer Weekly that Walters is really struggling with health issues and cannot get around anymore. The former Today show host has trouble walking because of hip-related problems and no longer maintains her old strength.

The source claims that Walters told friends that growing old has been the most challenging thing she has encountered in her long life. Walters has not commented on the health concerns, though her publicist has denied the reports that she is on her deathbed.

Walters Is Proud Of Her Legacy

Walters may be dealing with a lot of health issues at the moment, but she has certainly overcome a lot of obstacles over the years. Perhaps Walters’ greatest achievement is her career, which spans multiple decades and shows, including ABC News, Today, and The View. Walters was also a trailblazer for women and was the first female to make it as far as she did in the world of television.

Per the source, Walters is very proud of her accomplishments and what her career meant for other women in the industry. Although she is no longer in front of the cameras, the insider claims that Walters still watches her old show, The View. And yes, Walters still rolls her eyes from time to time whenever she listens to what her former colleagues have to say.

Walters Takes Heat Over Feldman Interview

While Walters battles health issues behind the scenes, she’s also the latest celebrity to get hammered by Hollywood’s sexual abuse scandal. According to Page Six, Walters found herself in hot water after an old clip surfaced of her chat with Corey Feldman on The View.

In the video, Feldman discusses his experiences being abused as a young child in Hollywood and how there are a lot of pedophiles in the industry. When Feldman cautions parents about bringing their children into Hollywood at a young age, Walters accuses him of damaging an entire industry and tries to shut him down.

Fans did not react well to the clip and some even called for the former host to publicly apologize to Feldman. Others slammed Walters for knowing about what was going on behind the scenes and doing nothing to stop it.

This, of course, is not the first time Walters has stirred the pot. Back in 2014, she made headlines when she defended Woody Allen, who had just come under fire after being accused of molestation.

Walters has not responded to the public outcry regarding Feldman, nor has she apologized to the actor for the interview. With Barbara Walters allegedly dealing with a lot of health problems, there is no telling when we might hear from her again.