Donald Trump’s Favorite Foods: What The POTUS Ate And Drank In 2017

Aaron Homer - Author

Dec. 28 2017, Updated 10:01 a.m. ET

Donald Trump may not have the most refined palate of any recent POTUS. As a politician, he’ll bust out the haute cuisine when hosting a state dinner or when the situation otherwise calls for it, but when the cameras are off, and he’s enjoying some personal time, he favors Mickey D’s and junk food.

State Dinners And Other Official Events: Steak, Fish, Baked Alaska

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Perhaps not surprising for a man who once had a brand of steaks named after him, the POTUS enjoys a good cut of meat when the needs of the day require it. According to Eater, The Donald busts out steaks as often as he can whenever he’s hosting foreign dignitaries, the press, his more high-profile supporters, and so on. His first post-inauguration state dinner featured grilled Seven Hills Angus beef with dark chocolate and juniper jus (as well as seafood options).

And when Trump hosted Chinese president Chinese president Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago, the menu again featured steak, as well as Caesar salad and Dover sole.

Similarly, in April, the POTUS hosted Ted Nugent, Sara Palin, and Kid Rock, and the dessert was baked Alaska, in honor of the former Governor of Alaska.

In case you were wondering, Trump apparently likes his steak well-done (described by The Washington Post as “overcooked“) and – gasp – with ketchup!

In Private: Bacon and Eggs, Junk Food, McDonald’s, Diet Coke

According to The Daily Meal, Trump’s food choices when he’s not hosting guests tend more towards greasy, calorie-laden junk foods that would make nutrition-conscious former First Lady Michelle Obama go into shock. For breakfast, for example, he’s known to down bacon and eggs, often with hash browns and biscuits on the side. Rarely, he’ll forego meaty breakfasts in favor of a bowl of corn flakes.

For lunch and dinner, Trump enjoys equally simple fare. He’s reportedly a big fan of fried chicken (KFC in particular), deep-fried macaroni & cheese, french fries, and for dessert, cherry-vanilla ice cream and chocolate cake.

As for drinks, you can forget about reading about the president’s favorite wines here. He is a teetotaler, according to Forbes, which means he doesn’t touch alcohol. His drink of choice is instead Diet Coke, according to Time, and he’s such a fan that he’s been known to down as much as 12 per day. In fact, there’s even a red button on his desk at the Oval Office that he can press to instantly summon a can of his favorite beverage.

Compared to his predecessors, Donald Trump is a man of simple tastes when it comes to food.


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