Tiffany Trump Split Rumors Surface As She’s Spotted With ‘Mystery Man’ At Mar-a-Lago

Nicholas HuntGetty Images For NYFW: The Shows

Tiffany Trump made her way to Mar-a-Lago for Christmas to spend some quality time with her dad, President Donald Trump, and her half-siblings. However, it looks like Tiffany was also spending some quality time with a new guy. Although she and her boyfriend, Ross Mechanic, have been dating for a couple of years (they were first linked in 2015), the Daily Mail reports that Tiffany was spotted with a “mystery man” while hanging poolside at her father’s gold club over the holiday weekend.

The site goes on to report that Tiffany hasn’t been seen with Mechanic since August, suggesting that the two have parted ways. Interestingly, Tiffany hasn’t posted any photos with Mechanic in several months. The last picture that she shared of the two of them together was posted on August 12.

While it is unclear if Tiffany has moved on from Mechanic, many seem to be wondering whom she was hanging out with this weekend — and the “mystery man” has yet to be identified. Photos of the two together don’t suggest that they are romantically linked (they weren’t holding hands or getting super close), and it’s entirely possible that this man was part of Trump’s security team, but the Daily Mail seems fairly certain that this is Tiffany’s new love interest. If this is the case, it’s only a matter of time before this guy pops up on Tiffany’s social media. Her Instagram is filled with sweet pictures of her and Mechanic (before April 2017, that is).

This is one of the first times that Tiffany Trump has joined her dad for Christmas in recent years. In 2015, she spent the holidays with her mom, Marla Maples, in Georgia, and in 2016, the mom and daughter duo spent the Christmas holiday together in Idaho.

This year, all of President Trump’s children were together in Palm Beach. Donald Jr. was seen with his wife, Vanessa, and their five kids, Ivanka was there with her husband, Jared, and their three kids, Eric and his wife, Lara, joined the party with their newborn son, Luke, and first son Barron was there with the family as well.