‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’ Year 3: Reddit Talks Content Suggestions To Developers


Tom Clancy’s The Division has come to Year 2’s end, and now it’s time to wonder where Ubisoft/Massive is going with Year 3 content. They’ve already offered up the game’s updates to be free throughout 2017, but as we approach the new year of 2018, Reddit moderator JokerUnique had written up a lengthy list for other gamers to offer suggestions that can be relayed to the developers.

The focus here is to concentrate on small changes that make a bigger impact as well as finding means to tune up the game.

The Division’s recent 1.8 update added a sizable download, and with it the West Side Pier expansion. It offered a dynamic spawn system as the Rikers, Cleaners, and Last Man Battalion NPCs would rear their ugly heads in a fashion almost similar to that of an interactive shooting gallery. JokerUnique asked gamers what they thought their feedback would be on this and if there should be any improvements made upon the farming of Division tech, the dynamic spawning, and what they could do to keep the exploring of that part of the map more appealing.

With the 1.8 update also came an Underground rework and they added the feared Hunters that had been synonymous with the Survival expansion. JokerUnique had asked what players thought of it and if it was rewarding with the additional five directives.

Speaking of Survival, nothing had really been done with that expansion with 1.7 or 1.8, so it would stand to reason to ask feedback regarding any kind of add-ons for it. Phantom139 made a pretty interesting suggestion by adding the already existing West Side Pier as well as the additional Dark Zone areas of 7 through 9. On top of that, it was suggested that squad groupings could spawn on different areas of the Survival map with randomizing of item box spawns.

“Survival Revamp: Randomize all material box spawns, add WSP and DZ North to the map, add more landmarks, enhance classified drop chances. Add a group-only PvE instance in which you start immediately but your group is split across the entire map when you load in.”

This does make sense because once someone runs Survival repetitively, they have pretty much figured out where most things are on the map. Also, with people starting on different sides of the map, this allows them to explore areas and meet up later on.

Phantom139 made reference to a few other revamp suggestions as well, all within a scheduled early year for a 1.9 version (should one exist).

For the middle of the year (version 1.10) he suggested more map expansions and incursions. Central Park was also an idea to include in future content.

The Division Year 3 Content
Featured image credit: Ubisoft

Finally, it was suggested an end-of-year major 2.0 update where the magnitude would be considerable and a possibly bonafide paid DLC. Phantom139 made mention that this update could move the game “forward in time” and it could be a turning point for Massive developers to “commit to one title or prepare us for the next title.”

The latter or a possible Division sequel was already teased by Massive’s Managing Director David Polfeldt, so hopefully the devs will listen to players once again so they can determine a path they can take for the future of the franchise.