Miss America Email Scandal, Three Execs Resign

A report by the Huffington Post indicates that the CEO and chairman of the Miss America Organization, Sam Haskell abused former pageant winners. The leaked emails exposed Haskell’s regular abuse of winners of the contest by fat-shaming and slut-shaming them through emails. The former CEO reportedly called them shocking names and laughed at the suggestion that one of them should die. Haskell apologized for his poor judgment but has denied the report by the Huffington Post on the leaked emails.

The report also points out Haskell’s disdain for some contestants like Mallory Hagan, who won the pageant in 2013. Hagan was publicly fat-shamed for a bikini photo three months after her victory, which Haskell also did through emails. Haskell was also unhappy about his then Director of Development’s (Adams) relationship with Hagan after she was crowned the winner. Haskell insisted Adam date his daughter instead of Hagan, referring to her as “a piece of trash.” He told Adams that he needed a girl with money and class like his daughter, according to Adams.

In an email exchange with Friedman, Haskell said to Friedman, “Are we four the only ones not to have f****d Mallory?” implying that they were the only ones not to have slept with Hagan. After a friend approached him at a party to report that Hagan seduced her son, Haskell, in turn, advised the lady to have her son tested because they had lost count of men Hagan had slept with at 25.


Adams and a former Miss America board member Regina Hopper spoke to Dick Clark Productions about Haskell’s behavior. However, after presenting the emails, Dick Clark Productions thanked them and insisted on conducting their own investigations. After copies of the emails were presented to the board, nothing was done, leading to the end of Dick Clark Productions agreement with the Miss America Organization.

The recent revelations led to the suspension of Sam Haskell by the board on December 22. However, CEO Sam Haskell, COO and President Josh Randle and Lynn Weidner, board chair, resigned some hours later. The Miss America Organization posted a statement on Twitter announcing their resignation and thanking them for their many years of tireless service. Lynn Weidner will remain for 90 days to ensure a smooth transition process.