Val Kilmer Is Reportedly On His Deathbed, Health Crisis Pushes Him To Make Peace With Estranged Brother

Val Kilmer’s days may be numbered. An inside source told Radar Online that Val is on his deathbed after a prolonged fight with throat cancer. Although Val may have reached the end, the Top Gun star reportedly reached out to his estranged brother, Mark Kilmer, and finally made amends.

Inside Val And Marks’ Feud

Val and Mark have fought for years over the actor’s controversial religious beliefs. Val is a well-known believer in Christian Science, a religion that does not believe in the use of modern medicine. Instead, the religious organization relies on prayer to heal disease, which is one reason why there are so many concerns about Val’s health.

Mark, on the other hand, is a successful psychologist who disagrees with just about every tenet of Christian Science. Their arguments got so heated, in fact, that the brothers could no longer carry on a conversation.

Val Finally Makes Amends

Now that Val is reportedly on his deathbed, a source claims that he reached out to Mark and made things right. The siblings still don’t talk about Christian Science, though Mark has made peace with his brother’s decisions regarding treatment.

Unfortunately, the inside source also revealed that Val — who only weighs 89 pounds after massive weight loss — is tired of fighting cancer and is on the verge of quitting. That said, Kilmer recently sat down with the Hollywood Reporter and finally came clean about his battle with throat cancer.

Val Confirms Throat Cancer Rumors

In his revealing interview, Val confirmed that he battled throat cancer for over two years. During that time, Val had to undergo a tracheal procedure to help him breathe, which left his voice in shambles.

Even worse, Val’s daughter, Mercedes, experienced a horrible car accident after he was diagnosed with cancer, and the two were in the same hospital for a time. Although Val says his religion helped him deal with life’s biggest obstacles, he did go through chemotherapy to fight cancer. Val, who seemed to be doing better in the interview, also reflected on his career and how he took his failures too seriously.

“I was too serious,” Val explained when asked about his movie career. “I’d get upset when things like Oscars and recognition failed to come my way.”

Val Spent Years Denying Cancer

Although Val has finally come clean about throat cancer, he spent over two years denying it. In fact, Daily Mail reports that the actor hid his tracheostomy scar during a recent outing in Miami. The actor was spotted at the Art Basel event earlier this month and held his head down to avoid any pictures of the scar. The appearance came a few months after Val participated in a Reddit AMA in which he finally admitted to having a “healing of cancer.”

Prior to the Reddit session, however, Val vehemently denied the reports of cancer, even after Michael Douglas seemingly confirmed them. The actor even posted a note on social media that claimed Douglas was misinformed and that doctors did not find cancer in his throat.

Val Kilmer has not commented on the deathbed rumors.

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