Prince George And Princess Charlotte Eat At A Kids’ Table For Christmas Dinner That Is Really ‘Far-Out’


Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Christmas plans have been revealed and it seems they have one tradition in particular that mirrors the average family at dinnertime. When the entire extended family gets together for Christmas dinner, no matter where you live or who you are, there is often a “kids’ table” for children to sit at and dine together and a “grownup table” for the adults.

It seems that Prince William and Kate are no different when it comes to having the adults at one table and the kids at another, but there is one big difference when it comes to the location of that table. Many kids in the U.S. and across the pond have spent Christmas dinner through their childhood years in those small chairs around a low table flanked by a peer group of their siblings and cousins.

While Prince George and Princess Charlotte are at a table reserved for kids, that table is not in the same type of setting as a typical family. They are far removed from the grownup table, having Christmas dinner in the nursery.

According to Little Things, when Kate and William sit down for Christmas dinner at the royal family’s grownup table, Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be in another room on the second floor having their very own dinner served to them.

When a child graduates from the kids’ table to the table for grownups in most any family it is kind of a big deal, like an unwritten rite of passage. While an honor for many kids, that move only entails walking several feet into a taller chair and sitting face to face with the adults in your family. In the royal family, moving to the adult table sounds like it means embarking on a small journey by taking the stairs.

According to the Daily Mail, the adults and kids will have local turkeys to eat for Christmas, which is supplied by one of the estate farmers in Sandringham. There is also other choices of cold meat to chow down on in the dining room where the adults eat. The food is situated along the wall of the dining room and it’s highlighted by the offering of the “boars head.”

Christmas dinner at Sandringham House, which is located about 110 miles outside of London in the countryside, is for the entire extended royal family. The queen and her extended family spend their vacation at the Sandringham House, while Prince William and Kate, along with their kids, stay at their nearby country estate, Anmer Hall. This year Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will stay with William and Kate.

The family all gets together several times throughout the weekend holiday and everything is timed down to the minute. As an example, 50 minutes is allowed for lunch. Even the family members who are guests of the queen at Sandringham House are given specific times of arrival, with those with most seniority within the royal family arriving first.

The dress code for all these royal family events leaves Kate having to change her outfit five times within one day, according to the Daily Mail. Christmas with the queen is extremely regimented with just about every minute accounted for once the family all arrives for the Christmas holiday.