Joseph Duggar Criticized For The Way He Treats Kendra Caldwell In Family Christmas Traditions Video

Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell are getting ready to celebrate their first Christmas as a married couple. In a new TLC video, the Counting On stars talk about what they’re most looking forward to doing together during the most wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately for Joseph, the way he treats Kendra in the video has rubbed many fans of the Duggar family the wrong way.

On Friday, the Duggar family used their Facebook page to direct fans to a TLC video featuring Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell. In the short Counting On promo, Joseph reveals that Christmas is his favorite holiday, and he and Kendra share some of their favorite family Christmas traditions. They include reading the Christmas story from the book of Luke in the Bible and listening to Christmas music, which is something that they started doing in September.

Joseph Duggar does most of the talking in the video, and Kendra mostly nods in agreement at what he’s saying. She also adds the occasional “yeah” or “mm-hmm” here and there as her husband speaks. However, Joseph does remain silent long enough to allow Kendra to humble-brag about how their families make the holidays merry and bright for others.

“And singing. We like singing at the hospice,” she says.

Kendra begins to say something else, but she’s interrupted by Joseph.

“Yeah. As a church, we’ve went around and sang to the veterans and a bunch of different people,” he interjects. “And so, just reaching out to those who often don’t have a lot of family around.”

Because Joseph Duggar interrupts his wife and talks over her in the video, some fans are criticizing him for not allowing her to speak. In response to the Duggar family’s Facebook post, one commenter wrote that Kendra Caldwell looks “sad” when she gets cut off by her husband. Others begged Joseph to be more considerate in the future.

“Joe please let Kendra talk, we love hearing her thoughts. I meant no disrespect, but you talked over her several times. I know you are a good guy, and probably did not realize, what you did,” read one remark.

“It was a cool video but Joe let her talk agree with others,” wrote another fan.

Duggar fans will soon learn whether Joseph’s behavior in the video was just a one-time thing or something that he does regularly. TLC recently revealed that “Joe and Kendra’s story” will be a main focus of the next season of Counting On, which will begin airing sometime next spring. If the show follows the same format it has with other Duggar couples, many of the episodes will likely be centered on Joseph and Kendra’s wedding preparations.

The couple recently announced that they are expecting their first child, but Counting On episodes about Kendra Caldwell’s pregnancy probably won’t air during the upcoming season. It may be late next year or early in 2019 before viewers get to watch Joseph and Kendra enjoying the only Christmas that they’ll ever celebrate with just two stockings hanging over the chimney.

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