Jinger Duggar Reveals Jeremy Vuolo’s Birthday Surprise For Her As Fans Praise Couple For Remaining Child-Free

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Jinger Duggar had a very happy birthday. The Counting On star turned 24 years old yesterday, and she recently gave fans an inside look at how her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, helped her mark the milestone. Jeremy also shared a social media post about Jinger’s big day, but his focus was on the birthday girl rather than what they did.

On Friday, Jinger Duggar took to Instagram to let fans know just how wowed she was by the intimate birthday surprise that Jeremy Vuolo arranged for her. She revealed that Jeremy took her out to lunch earlier in the day, and they “enjoyed a special afternoon together” before cutting their leisure time short to attend a church event. However, they resumed Jinger’s birthday celebration in the evening with a romantic candlelit dinner at home. The Duggar daughter revealed that her second birthday meal was an unexpected treat.

“But the big surprise came after we returned home from a church event later in the evening: I walked in on a candlelight dinner in our living room with sparkling cider, white chocolates, flowers, and a meal from one of my favorite restaurants awaiting me as Andrea Bocelli sang in the background,” Jinger wrote. “I love @jeremy_vuolo more than words could ever describe!”

Some fans responded to Jinger Duggar’s Instagram post by praising her and Jeremy Vuolo for putting off having kids. As reported by Hollywood Gossip, some fans think Jinger is using birth control to delay getting pregnant. Being child-free gives her and Jeremy more free time to enjoy simply being with each other, which is not a luxury the other married Duggar daughters have had; Jill, Jessa, and Joy-Anna Duggar all got pregnant within their first year of marriage.

An Instagram photo that was recently shared by Jill Duggar’s husband, Derick Dillard, is evidence that it can sometimes be impossible for parents to plan a date night for just the two of them. In his photo, he and Jill are pictured eating dinner at one of their favorite restaurants. Their youngest son, Samuel, is sitting in Jill’s lap.

“Every couple deserves these precious first years before having children,” wrote one of Jinger’s Instagram followers.

“So nice to see u guys enjoy being married, kids will come along later,” another commented.

Other fans responded to the Duggar daughter’s Instagram photo by praising Jeremy Vuolo for being romantic and putting in the effort to make sure that his wife was sufficiently pampered on her birthday, but it was his own social media post about Jinger that really made fans swoon. His Instagram photo was taken at the AT&T Performing Arts Center in Dallas, where the couple recently attended a live production of A Christmas Carol.

“No word can adequately define the depth of beauty in her heart nor picture capture the essence of beauty in her frame,” the Counting On star wrote.

“The way you talk about Jinger just makes me melt!” read one response to his post.

“Jeremy, I have been noticing for quite a while that you are a beautiful poet with a golden heart. Keep expressing your gift,” another wrote.

Others brought up the topic of kids again.

“I love how much these two adore each other and are enjoying each other without kids.”

Clearly, a lot of people really love it that Jeremy and Jinger are setting themselves apart from the rest of the Duggar clan by filling their Instagram pages with posts about each other instead of pictures of their kids.