Fans Disgusted As Scott Disick Shares Video Of Sofia Richie Dancing In Her Underwear To Her Father’s Song

Romain MauriceGetty Images

When a man shares a video of his girlfriend dancing in her underwear, he’s already playing a very dangerous game. When you’re a celebrity with a much younger girlfriend playing the same game, the results can be catastrophic. That’s the very recent case for Scott Disick and Sofia Richie as the reality star has posted a video of his girlfriend, which has fans expressing their disdain online.

Scott posted the video of Sofia on his Snapchat story last night, and it didn’t take long for his followers to jump on all other social media platforms to condemn his post. Sofia can be seen dancing in a kitchen with nothing but a Santa-themed sweater, panties, and socks on. To make matters more uncomfortable, Sofia is dancing to her father, Lionel Richie’s, number one hit, “All Night Long.” At the end of her dance, Sofia appeared to have had enough as she walks towards the camera and put her hand up.

Twitter exploded after news of the video spread, with many users claiming Sofia has serious “daddy issues.” The consensus of Twitter users appeared to be extreme discomfort, while some referred to it as “bad taste.”


The choice of song in the video seemed to be the catalyst that sent Twitter users into a frenzy over the video. Back in October, Lionel Richie spoke with Us Weekly and explained he was “scared to death,” regarding his daughter’s new relationship. This new video may not make him feel better about things anytime soon.

Several users also posted gifs expressing their disgust and annoyance of the video, as they deemed it bizarre that Scott would post the video of his 19-year-old girlfriend in her underwear. Scott was also accused of posting the video to make ex-girlfriend, and mother of his three children, Kourtney Kardashian, jealous.

On the other side of things, several viewers of the video didn’t find anything wrong with Scott sharing it on Snapchat. One user praised him calling him the “goat,” while another claimed he would be “Scott Disick 2.0 one day.”

Sofia and Scott stepped out as an official couple earlier this month after they reportedly began hooking up back in October.